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Oct 11, 2017
Dec 15, 2015
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I'm going to try to find another way to possibly block them May 8, 2016

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Oct 11, 2017
    1. Gvili
    2. Kade
      Happy B-day
      or you put in a fake B-day
      1. zombiepower
        It's his real Birthday ;)
        Sep 23, 2017
    3. TheFrog26
      Ahuerta, I dont really know you very well as a staff but I've heard lots of good stories, If you have the admin rank you must be doing alot of things right :D, but Ahuerta you seem like a nice person and we appreciate you for making the community a better place <3
    4. Clark Crichton
      Clark Crichton
      a guy named "Scorpioo" just killed me and took my armor. Yes, i was in the war zone. but i was doing tag team PvP. he was in our team though; then he said to do a 1v1 with me :( i said no, but he killed me anyway. but i came here to report him to you. and if you read this please ban him. that would make me happy. VERY happy. and he offered to sell me back my armor. :(
      1. PawlerBear
        We cant ban someone for killing in pvp. It doesnt matter if you are supposed to be team or 1v1.
        Jul 23, 2017
      2. bensku1
        Clark Crichton that would be just banning someone for pvping aka doing normal things
        Jul 23, 2017
    5. Mr. BurntBacon
      Mr. BurntBacon
      I recently bought the King Kit. I didn't recieve it and I stayed on the server for a long time. Can you halp me. My minecraft username is DomoMony. Thanks!
    6. Kade
      Hey Supporter I bought this (look below)3 monthes ago I never got it back after reset, I have 2 Items on different transaction ID

      Purchased packages: 1 x 5,000,000 Gold/Elixer
      Country:United States
      Sub Total:$15.00 USD
      Tax:$0.00 USD
      Total:$15.00 USD
      Transaction ID:539355726T292702S
    7. remyminecraft
      hello i bought this ( see below) last saturday but i made a mistake on the name it was not for remiminecraft but for remyminecraft
      an y instead an i
      can you help me please
      Purchased packages:
      1 x Knight
      Your details:
      Name: remiminecraft
      Address: 37 av lapeyriere, villa 14, saint jean, 31240, Midi-Pyrenees
      Country: FR
      Total: 35.00 USD
      Transaction ID: 77T412889M7095640
    8. ashduhb1
      1. zombiepower
        You know asking staff to review your apply is auto deny
        Sep 11, 2016
      2. ashduhb1
        i asked cos i have been waiting for almos a week for a reply
        Sep 12, 2016
      3. TheFrog26
        even if it is one week, notice the requirements point out multiple times that asking staff to look at your application is an instant denial, no matter how long it's been posted without reply
        Sep 8, 2017
    9. caroana
      hi one thing wats the ip ofthe server?
      1. TheFrog26
        its play.craftofclans.net
        Sep 8, 2017
    10. xToLegitToQuitx
      hey zombie power wanted you to help me out on my missing lava hound
    11. xPicklechu
      Plz help. Im stuck in a gold mine and every time i join the server i get kicked for flying. plz tp me out.
    12. SpecialJoshh
      Thanks So Much Ahuerta22 its literally a dream of mine that you accomplished.
      +1 Best Admin & Network Developer
    13. Cephadronik
      Dude Where have yee been ;-; We miss yew
    14. SpecialJoshh
      Ahuerta22 if i wanted to place a Helper Application, where would i post it?
      1. zombiepower
      2. SpecialJoshh
        Jul 30, 2016
    15. Cephadronik
      More Korean stuff spammed in team recruitment. Yay.
    16. james young
      james young
      i have a question is something going on with the craft of clans servers? i open my minecraft to join and it will not even show up as being able to connect. i dont know how to fix this do you know what i can do?
      1. Cephadronik
        If you have windows, Press the windows key and r, then type %appdata%, and go to .minecraft and delete player data.
        Jul 15, 2016
    17. Cephadronik
      I think I just found out what it is. If you look carefully this Korean Phrase "카지노" always pops up which means "Casino". If you just blacklist it I think that it will stop.
    18. Cephadronik
      Can you please try to find a way to IP ban these people spamming threads on the forums that are Korean... I can help you, just a bit I guess. It's pretty much impossible to solve the Scunthorpe problem though. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scunthorpe_problem I am a huge nerd.
      1. ItsPsycho
        He ip bans them each time. Every spam bot has a different ip. Captcha is useless as they make the accounts manually.
        Jul 13, 2016
      2. Cephadronik
        That is probably because they use vpns to change it every time..
        Jul 13, 2016
    19. eeee8678
      plus all of them are in japanese or whatever.
    20. eeee8678
      Hey can you forum ban munchstellar05? he's spamming team recruitment stuff, he spammed over 6 pages
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