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    • Islands, Mines, Currency, and Inventories have been reset
    • Server is now updated to 1.12.1 with all features
    • Everyone active during Beta has earned a Prestige Rank
    • Prestige Rank players can use the Barbarian Hut
    • Prestige Rank players have their Starter Kit upgraded
    • Added Dark Elixir Pump, Blizard Tower, and Command Tower
    • Added tons of new Challenges
    • You can now do Practice Raids against yourself
    • Added the /trade command to safely trade items/gems
    • Referral and Voting Rewards are coming this weekend
    • Added Golden, Magical, and Legendary Crate Keys
    • Rebalanced the shop and mining tiers and buffed Donor Mines
    • Nerfed several overpowered spells from the Laboratory
    • Reduced the health/damage on Wilderness mobs by 30%
    • Many bug fixes and other small changes
Thread Status:
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