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Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Vapples, May 8, 2017.


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  1. Vapples

    Vapples Member

    Hey Folks!

    Most people on the server notice all of the pleas for help from new players and returning players alike. I aim to share some of my methods on how to get started!

    Heads Up: Most of these are my methods; they certainly aren't the best out there and I recommend taking a look at other guides as a great benefit to yourself. Remember, there are staff for a reason and plenty of people are willing to help out on the server. Don't be afraid to ask!

    /menu - This command opens up a GUI menu that allows you to view many aspects of the server, including travel to your island, the capital, or any mines you have unlocked. You can also view challenges, kits & perks, and server change-logs as well as your friends list. Your profile, Clan management, and a raid quick-launch is also present. (I recommend you use this command starting out instead of the many sub-commands that do the same thing.)

    /capital - This command is an obvious one. It sends you to the capital.

    /mines - A command that pulls up a GUI menu of the mines you have access to. Allows quick travel to individual mines.

    /island - Creates an island for you, or if you already have one, sends you to your island.

    These are only basic commands. There are others that would benefit you to know, but aren't imperative right now.

    You may not actually need any help from this tip guide. It's always a good idea to take advantage of a tutorial when there is one available.

    ! Make sure you have particles enabled !

    Esc > Options > Video Settings
    1. First off, if you aren't already in the capital spawn, do /capital.
    2. Once you load in... Turn around.

    The tutorial begins once you right-click on the NPC "Grand Warden" Standing in the archway coming from newbie lane. I recommend that you pay close attention and fully complete the tutorial. It gives you valuable information as well as starting items and free island upgrades.

    Shop Location:
    One of the most common pleas in chat is some poor player asking for directions to the shop.

    1. Start by doing /capital.
    2. Once you load in head straight forward. You should come out to a path that spans left and right. Ignore the stairs that lead down.
    3. Head right. You should come to another split. Left splits off towards a small bridge while right heads into a cave.
    4. Take the left path towards the bridge. After crossing the bridge, another right turn will place you at the shop.

    Island Quick Start:
    Start by doing /island to create or go to your island. Be sure to do the tutorial as the "Grand Warden" will give you two expansions, an archer tower, and a gold mine for free.

    Right-click on your guardian to bring up a GUI menu. This is the hub of your town. Here you can buy structures, expand your town, and upgrade your guardian/town hall.

    Punching structures will bring up a menu that allows you to upgrade, repair, or move the structure. In the case of resource buildings an option will be present to collect the resources inside.

    Beginner Strategies and Tips:

    Obtaining a pick-axe:
    If you find yourself without a pick-axe and clueless on how to start, begin by doing /mines and selecting the Tier 1 mine. Once you load in here look to your right. There should be a lumber mill. Mine a few logs before using /capital to return to capital spawn. Sell the logs at the shop and buy a stone pick-axe.

    I recommend keeping an eye on challenges and make it a goal to work towards them. They will reward you with gems and chest keys.

    /challenge - Opens up the challenge/achievemnt menu.

    After you mine up some stone, wood, and coal; head over to your island with /island.

    In one of your expansions you recieved in the tutorial set up a crafting table/furnace/chest combo. The furnaces, and I reccommend at least four for quick smelting of ores you'll find in higher tier mines, will increase your profit significantly.

    ! I strongly recommend that you avoid using town hall chests to store items in. These items get deleted if they are left in during an upgrade, and are generally the easiest loot a raider will get. Make a hidden stash as quickly as possible and put your enderchest to use. !

    Mining Trips:

    First off, obtain iron picks as fast as you can. They are the gateway to a sustainable mining operation. Second, bring more than one pick per trip. That allows you to maximize the amount of time spent mining compared to the time between trips. Instead of 6 small trips with lots of lost travel time spent going to your island, the shop, and any organization inbetween; you can settle for 2-3 big trips with less lost time.

    I recommend that you avoid PvP until you gain a stable footing and can afford to lose items. You WILL die in PvP.

    All players will launch and deal with raids. Raids occur during 'Wartime,' a 20-minute period following a 40-minute peacetime. The goal of a raid is to eliminate the defending guardian, and only when the guardian is defeated can the spoils of war be collected.

    Launching a Raid:
    As a new player your priority should not be raiding others. You should focus on improving your situation with upgrades to your island and unlocking new mines. If you must raid, do /menu and select 'Raid' or simply do /raid.

    Defending against a raid:
    Raids are most likely to occur while you are not on your island or the server. Be sure to upgrade your guardian and defenses to ward of invaders. As I mentioned above, do not use town hall chests. Make a stash and store valuables in the enderchest.

    Well, that's all for now folks! I wrote half of this guide on mobile so I'll be on tomorrow to fix mistakes, possibly add screenshots, and polish here and there. I might also add things I missed. Thanks for taking a look and I sincerely hope this helps some of you out. If you are still having trouble feel free to hit me up.

    Planned Additions/Fixes:
    - Screenshots
    -Any mechanics mistakes
    -Any additional information I left out
    -Color/Formating Problems
    -Links to other helpful guides (With op permission.)

    IGN: _Vapples_

    Good luck all!
    Last edited: May 9, 2017
  2. aza5459

    aza5459 New Member

    Heres another good way to make $money$ after you have somewhere like 3k gems. sterliner made this so ill just jut a link to it http://www.craftofclans.net/forum/index.php?threads/fast-way-to-earn-money-quick.216341/ just buy a diamond axe 10 mushrooms and bones and some mycelium.go to your island and Start farming mushrooms in a free 7x7 area (may need more to build a staircase if a mushroom gets too big) place a mycelium block and mushroom then use the bones to make bonemeal and fertilize the mushroom. Profit can be extremely big because every mushroom sells for $12 (or somewhere around there) Anyway HAve Fun :D
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  3. Vapples

    Vapples Member

    I saw that guide. Seemed to have some good ideas. What did you think of my guide? It would be nice to have a little feedback.
  4. Sterliner

    Sterliner Member

    Nice guide Vapples! :D great for the new people that join!
  5. Vapples

    Vapples Member

    Thanks! Your guide has some good farming methods as well. Does the mushroom method really work out better than the mines at this point? I'm also thinking about joining your clan when clans come out. Been a member since January, 2016. I'm going to be applying for helper soon.
  6. aza5459

    aza5459 New Member

    Well Vapples instead of telling people to buy their own pickaxe just do the tutorial and it gives food, gems, free resources, and some tools (including an iron pickaxe) Also tell them to Buy a iron pick directly instead of the materials because it saves 60 gems
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  7. Zenfloy

    Zenfloy Member

    Very nice.
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  8. Vapples

    Vapples Member

    Thank You!
  9. Vapples

    Vapples Member

    I stated in the guide that the tutorial was a good place to start as it would net you free items, gems, and more. In my pickax tutorial, I don't tell them to buy the materials; I just recommend that they sell some wood to buy a stone pick and work their way up from there.
  10. aza5459

    aza5459 New Member

    Well I think your Thread is complete then. I'm not sure on that but it is close anyway:)
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  11. Vapples

    Vapples Member

    Thank you! A guide is almost never complete though. I'll try to update it sometime.
  12. TheFrog27

    TheFrog27 Member

    Really nice thread! Will be very helpful for new players :D
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  13. Vapples

    Vapples Member

    Thanks! I decided to put my knowledge to use and help those new players who are determined to make it on the server.
  14. CoolDragon123_

    CoolDragon123_ Lord of them all Staff Member Sr. Moderator Builder Recruitment Team

    vapple this will deffinately help new players and u are very kind for putting it up. hope u have a good day :)
  15. Vapples

    Vapples Member

    Thanks. You too ice!
  16. CoolDragon123_

    CoolDragon123_ Lord of them all Staff Member Sr. Moderator Builder Recruitment Team

    thanks dude :).
  17. PawlerBear

    PawlerBear Guest

    Hi Vapples!
    This looks really good. Can you update to "10min raid time and 50min peace".
    I'm gonna refer to this guide if anyone wants one :p
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