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Discussion in 'Strategy' started by DiamondWarrior59, Sep 10, 2017.

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  1. Can someone explain how Barb Island works? For example, what are the witches, why do they stand on an end crystal, and why can't I seem to damage them whatsoever? And can there be more than one boss at once/ does the new boss spawning spawn the dragon then the giant and does it replace the current boss if both bosses are active? Are there any "special" areas with higher level items in chests, or do all the chests grab loot from the same loot tables?
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    Hello, Diamondwarrior59. I apologize for the late reply, I've been fairly busy lately. On barb island, you spawn on a boat obviously. Upon arrival, you walk up a slim path to the main event. You can take the right bridge to go directly to the barbarian village, or take the left log to go to the barbarian camp in the forest. You will find Barbarians (normal ones), archers, Giant Spiders and wolves in this area. All of which are dangerous and should be met with hostility. There are many chests in this area that spawn in certain places. Open these chests and you can take loot out of them. This loot includes: Wooden Crate Keys, Silver Crate Keys, Iron Ingots, Wool and more. In the barbarian village, there is a Giant Zombie boss that spawns. It has a rather large health bar so I suggest a party of at least 5 in order to attempt fighting it. As I said, this Zombie is in the Barbarian Village so the Barbarians are going to be fighting along with the Zombie, meaning you'll have to kill them also. if you move farther into the back of the map, there are Warriors, Witches and Goblins, all of these more dangerous than the starting area of Barbarian Island. I suggest taking a party of at least 3 to help combat these enemies. Warriors are the easiest to kill of them all, but they group up and spawn quickly. Witches take the most to kill, and spawn the Warriors. The Goblins are the most scary part of Barbarian Island, they take a while to kill, hit hard and group up in giant groups. Now, to answer your questions.

    • I have no idea what the end crystal stuff is about, as I've never seen that before.
    • There is almost always more than 1 boss active, as the Dragon boss is invincible.
    • Currently, there are no "special areas" with higher level loot, as all chests are in the beginning part of Barbarian island and pull from the same loot tables.
    Hope this helped!
  3. Thanks! The guide did help a ton, but 2 last question, what are the drops for killing barb island mobs/ bosses, and do the witches, warrior is and goblins have different drops from the barbarians, archers, giant skeletons, and wargs.
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    The normal drops are pretty simple, irong nuggets, gold nuggets, some swords sometimes but basically nothing really worth picking up. I believe everything has the same drops except for the Bosses. The Giant Zombie gives a wooden crate key and some Dark Elixir for killing it.
  5. Barb island is also the best place to get dark elixor! :)
  6. Invis works amazing for looting the chests. Just don't get too close to the Mega Giant.
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