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Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Lolly_Popa01, Aug 5, 2017.

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  1. Lolly_Popa01

    Lolly_Popa01 New Member

    These are some Level 2-3 TH tips and tricks that you can use to make your island a safer place for you, and harder to raid.

    Don't upgrade your Town Hall until you have good defenses built and your gear is safely hidden. This will give you the chance to stock up on supplies before possibly getting raided.

    Do plots all around your TH in a square fashion. This will make wall building simpler as you won't have to use as many sides for walls, which will give you more space for building other things.

    Use sand for walls. You have tons under the grass in your plots and it is good for people that don't have tons of obsidian, or a rank. Dig down to the stone layer in a plot, and then use buttons or torches to easily break and collect the sand. I recommend at least two layers of sand, built 20 blocks high.

    Sand can also be crafted into Sandstone. This is a very good building block if you are doing sky farms.

    For hidden chests or mini bases, the area that you get from clearing out plots of sand is excellent for this type of thing. Use a infinite water source at the bottom of the area to get down, and use /home to get back up quickly. You can build a water elevator back up, but they are pretty slow for traveling upwards. Alternately, you could use ladders.

    You can put your secret chests under logs for hidden easy access. Just break the log, but be sure to replace it.

    Sugar is an excellent source of gems. A full inventory of sugar sells for 14k gems. I use sky farms made out of Sand and Sandstone for my Sugar Cane. If you have three plots in a row, build a giant sky farm above all three, but make sure it is high enough to not interfere with your wall.

    I have raided a lot of Islands, and the Guardians I have the most trouble with are Level 2 Wizard Guardians. These Guardians have lots of health and are annoying because they shoot spells at you, and occasionally use their special move.

    I hope these have helped you, and if you have anything to add, be sure to post it down below! If you need help with anything on the server, just contact me!
  2. IceDragon1974

    IceDragon1974 Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    This is basically a repost from another post. You can see the whole thread here

    The quickest and cheapest way to get extra gems is mushrooms. I make use of a combination of mining, mushroom farming and sugar farming for my gems. But to start with sugar you need a large area and it is expensive to get up and running. There after sugar is 100% profit. Mushrooms are quicker to start and it does offer more profit potential, but it can become repetitive (that is why I use different methods).

    Anyway, you can mine mushrooms on a single tile, as long as you have enough space for the giant mushroom to grow (a space of at least 6x6x6). Below is my calculations of getting started and the profit potential within the first 10 minutes. Thereafter your profit grows since you already have bonemeal, mycelium and mushrooms to continue.

    For this calculation I decided to farm for 10 minutes and see how much I can profit in this time after subtracting my costs.

    I bought a stack (64 bones) of bones for 640 gems. This gave me 3 stacks (64x3) of bonemeal. One stack of bonemeal costs 640/3=213.3 gems. An iron axe (best cost to performance option) costs 95 gems, but remember you can sell it back for 90 gems if you stop before it breaks (Mattb2291 proofed that you can mine 5 large mushrooms with a single axe. an important point: do not try to farm more than five large mushrooms with an iron axe. Mattb2291 knows what he is talking about, swap it for a new one).

    I started with 1 mushroom on a grid of 12 mycelium blocks. I bought 5 axes for 475 gems.

    I farmed for 10 full minutes, using some of the dropped mushrooms to seed the next Large Mushroom.

    I managed to farm a total of 4x64 stacks of mushrooms and one batch of 35 mushrooms. I sold this for 7877.2 gems. I used a total of 57 bonemeal (remember that a mushroom is not guaranteed to grow when you give it bonemeal) which cost 188.1 gems and 5 axes which cost 25 gems (95 gems per axe, but I sold the 5 back for 90 gems).

    So here is my profit: 7877.2 - 188.1 - 25 = 7664.1 gems in 10 minutes. This is a potential gem income of 766 gems per minute. Which is quite good, considering that a new player can consistently repeat this. When you compare the potential gems per minute between mushroom farming and mining alone, mushrooms beat mining hands down in the lower mining tiers. But once you reach higher tiers, mining does become more profitable. Of course mushroom farming and mining should be used in conjunction.

    So how much will it cost a newbie to get started?
    I decided to start with as little as possible (650 gems, about the price of a Diamond pickaxe).

    9x Mycelium Blocks - 180
    9x mushrooms - 180
    2x Iron Axes - 190
    10x Bones (30x Bonemeal) - 100

    Total costs 650 gems
    I used both axes to almost breaking point (farming 10 Large mushrooms). I replanted mushrooms on all the empty mycelium blocks before selling.

    I was left with 6 pieces of bonemeal (from 30), 2 damaged axes and 124 mushrooms. I sold the iron axes for 180 gems and the mushrooms for 2331.2 for a total of 2511.2 gems. My total profit is 1861.2. So a newbie can start making money with 650 gems or less.
  3. JEstriker12

    JEstriker12 New Member

    thanks for the tricks it was helpful.
  4. This post is intresting But not effective at all. With the new update you can just use a fireball spell and sand will freaze. Also the server has a lot of x-rayers so its hard to make a secret vault unless you made it x-ray proof (Like my vault). The best way to make walls is to make them out of furnesses. It disables players to destroy furnesses in a raid, which means its a easy way to get a unraidable base. A good way to raid a base is to mine under the wall or use a fireball spell or to use enderpearls ;D
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