Bug with Donor2 and Ice/Snow mines

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by jmills321, May 6, 2017.

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  1. jmills321

    jmills321 New Member

    I was mining in donor 2 when the mine reset and noticed that there was a hole in the wall and water beginning to pour through but not actually inside of the mine so when i went to go check i accidentally broke a block in the donor 2 wall and the block actually broke, and water broke through the wall and i accidentally flooded a part of the mine... i broke a block in the wall away from the water and it broke, i went inside the wall and found it was the ice and snow mine, meaning that the ice and snow mine and the donor 2 mine are connected, but still able to break through the wall since of how connected they are (this is the back wall of donor 2 btw) Or in other words the plugin with prevents the breaking of blocks has not been sectioned onto this wall
  2. BORI00

    BORI00 New Member

    fix it thanks for segnal that bug
  3. TheFrog27

    TheFrog27 Member

    Thanks for reporting this :D
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