CraftofClans Economy Reset! Major Updates!

Discussion in 'Server News & Updates' started by Eriic, Jan 1, 2018.

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    CraftofClans Economy Reset Announcement:

    Hey everybody! This is a quick post to inform you we are going our next Economy / Map reset on the night of the 2nd of January 2018! We generally do these wipes every 8 months or so to keep the economy fresh and let new players have a chance to catch up ;)!

    Content Updates: Along with this reset we will be systematically releasing some content updates throughout the month of January that you should be very excited for!

    Donor Information: If you have donated recently and are worried about lost gems, do not worry! We will be re-sending all the donor gem / gold / elixir commands right after the reset so you will have a fresh pack of them waiting for you upon arrival!

    More update to do with our exciting major updates will be made in a follow up post after the reset has taken place! Enjoy guys!

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