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Discussion in 'Server News & Updates' started by Eriic, Apr 27, 2017.

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  1. Eriic

    Eriic Guest

    CraftofClans Update Information:

    Server Update Information:

    Hey guys! We are finally ready to open the server back up to the public. Below I am going to list bullet points of the changes we have made.

    Tutorial / Server Simplification:

    A constant issue throughout our past versions was educating new players on the servers mechanics. In response to this we have added an interactive tutorial for all players when they first join. The tutorial is in BETA so we ask any of you going through it to note any issues here on the forums.

    Additional to the tutorial, we have re-worked a lot of in game mechanics in an effort to simplify gameplay. While we will not list all of these here, a clear example is us moving off of the Shift-LeftClick system to a punch(left-click) system for structure access. We encourage any of you who have ideas on how to help us with this goal to leave suggestions on the forums!


    As is tradition, we are keeping wartime disabled for the first 3 or so days after official launch to allow everybody to build up their defenses. Once enabled however, you will find a lot has changed with raiding. It is quite the improvement ;)


    One of the major design changes we made on this version is removing the different "nations" for players to choose upon joining. The reasoning behind this follows in suite with our goal to keep the user experience extremely simple. With the nations system removed players will have no issues playing with their friends, and will allow us to run a more efficient back end. During wartime you will be raiding your fellow clashers, to be prepared ;)

    New Rank Items:

    We have come out with a brand new set of DP items for our rank setup. We will be adding a lot of new packages to the store in the coming 1-2 weeks to keep your eyes peeled :).

    NOTE: Any previous donors from CraftofClans specifically can post their Transaction ID's on a forum thread we will be making over the weekend.
  2. 360nopescope

    360nopescope Active Member

    First reply at launch :D
  3. FireWarlock

    FireWarlock Member

    noooo you beat me
  4. TheFrog27

    TheFrog27 Member

  5. zombiepower

    zombiepower Legacy Administrator Legacy Admin

    Guys enjoy the server
  6. Jonathan Withee

    Jonathan Withee New Member

    Who the hell still has their transaction IDs?
  7. zombiepower

    zombiepower Legacy Administrator Legacy Admin

    I always keep my transaction ids
  8. NICCOLO0541

    NICCOLO0541 New Member

    epic update!!! can i re-enable my vip rank (golem) i buy this in sale weekend[​IMG]
    Last edited: May 8, 2017
  9. TheFrog27

    TheFrog27 Member

    You get sent an email by PayPal with the Trans ID if you purchase something, so you can just search your email for it. Or search your PayPal account for the transaction.
  10. Sterliner

    Sterliner Member

    Staff team i love you :D
  11. shadowhuntershan

    shadowhuntershan New Member

    looks great so far :D
  12. Kadi

    Kadi New Member

    OMG craft of clans is back up hype is real I missed this server so much
  13. 360nopescope

    360nopescope Active Member

  14. NoLyn46

    NoLyn46 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    hey when do we post our transatio IDs for previos ranks
  15. NoLyn46

    NoLyn46 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

  16. Parkor

    Parkor New Member

    I did not get my reward for becoming barbarian adn where is the donor mine
  17. NoLyn46

    NoLyn46 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    also i found a bug with the tutorial costing me my starter kit D: but i played before so naturally i go explore first i went to my island and saw that expanding it was free. So like any other person I expanded... then is was told you get a reward for tutorial so i was going to blow through it quickly but i had no gems and i went to my island and it told me to expand my isalnd, but i couldn't, I had to close Minecraft and rejoin the server. i cant redo the Toturial and i didnt get my starter kit.
    (it Ok i got my archer rank which i posted a forum on under general) but there your first bug.
  18. NoLyn46

    NoLyn46 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    i know its obscure but i found it XD
  19. GangstaHerobrine

    GangstaHerobrine New Member

    whats the servere ip?
  20. Leigh Adams

    Leigh Adams Member

    look at the top
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