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    Discord InformationWhat is Discord?Discord is a free simple to use communication platform that any player can use with no need to download any program, very much like Teamspeak yet simple and organised with multiple channels and gives the player the ability to link their Minecraft account to their Discord account.

    How do I join and link my account?
    To join our Discord server it's simple just click https://discord.gg/cemHatG
    and you will be on the road to setting up an account with our amazing new service.

    Discord Rules

    ☉Discrimination, Threats, Harassment, Offensive Content☉
    Under no circumstances will we tolerate any sort of Discrimination(racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or ableism) , Threats and harassment of any kind(I will kill you, KYS, I'm gonna find you...) or excessively using foul language or language that will cause discomfort to other, even if you’re “just joking”. (note: This includes inappropriate content and links e.g. Go to cornhub.com).If you fail to follow any of these rules it will result in a tempban from our Discord service as we have zero-tolerance for any of the above.

    ☉DDoS threats ☉
    Any kind of Distributed Denial of Service and Dox attacks or threats are taken very seriously, even "joking about" will be taken as if this is a real threat and will result in a permanent ban as this can cause a huge disturbance in the community.

    ☉Staff and player disrespect ☉
    Disrespecting any player in our community is not permitted. This includes staff - harassing them over their decision to punish a player or about their inability to fix/do something with the server or intentionally giving them trouble is not allowed.If any of the following rules are not met and a player causes trouble to any member it will result in a tempmute or tempban in our Discord service.

    ☉Staff and player disrespect ☉
    Wasting staff time will be punished severely. If a player tells a member of the staff team to come here quick it's really important when really there is no reason for them to be there, it will result in a kick from the Discord service as our staff community is very busy and has a lot more to deal with than a person telling false statements.

    ☉Rioting ☉
    Attempting to start a riot, mass protest, rebellion or overall anarchy among the community is not permitted and will result in a permanent ban from our Discord service.

    ☉Names ☉
    All users must have a name that pertains to their username, impersonating a YouTuber or staff member is foreseen as a punishable offence and will result in a temporary suspension from our Discord service.

    ☉Advertising ☉
    Posting the link to a server, YouTube channel/video, website or store in a public channel will result in a temporary mute/ban from our Discord service (Links are only to be posted in private messages with permission of the other player first).

    ☉Spam ☉
    Spamming any type of message, character, special symbols... are not permitted and will result in a tempory mute from our Discord service.

    ☉Voice changers ☉
    Voice Changers are banned on our Discord channels; however, you may use them in Private Channels with the channel owner’s consent.

    ☉Ban evading ☉
    Ban evading on Discord is not allowed, if you received a ban it was for a reason and the ban will carry onto any alts you decide to bring back onto our service.

    ☉Music/bots ☉
    The bot is meant to stay in the music channel. Don't play video's with the bot and only use it to listen music with it.Don't use music with inappropriate content in it.
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