Donor Kit Reset and Future Updates

Discussion in 'Server News & Updates' started by System, Jun 15, 2017.

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  1. System

    System Guest

    Hey Clashers!

    First, you may notice after today's update that certain kit items in your inventory disappear when used. Due to some dupe glitches discovered in the community, we found a small number of players had used an exploit to dupe massive amounts of items that were never intended to mass-proliferate through the server, especially items from the Barbarian King kit.

    Because of this, we've made the heavy decision to do a server-wide reset on all Kit items.

    Everyone's kit cooldowns have been reset, so you should be able to get the new kit items immediately. However, any previous kit items will be removed from your Inventory when used. We apologize for the inconvenience and bad feelings this will cause, but it was the only way to ensure we're able to balance raiding appropriately without assuming everyone on the server had King Kit items.

    Rest assured, this exploit has been patched and numerous people have been banned for abusing it. We have also hired several staff members who will specifically hunt down glitches such as this and monitor people who attempt to abuse such glitches. We are also offering rewards to community members who's reports lead to abusers being verified and banned.

    Anyone caught blatantly abusing glitches in the future, or anyone we find who had abused this glitch previously, will be IP-banned permanently with no possibility of appeal.


    Fear not though! Now that this bad business is over with, there are several major updates coming over the next few weeks for you to look forward to, and once these updates are released the server will be Officially Released and will no longer be in Beta.

    Here are a few speak peaks at what you can look forward to coming soon:
    • Troop Battles (Clash Royale style!)
    • 3v3 Clan Island/PvP Battles
    • The global PvPvE Island
    • Several new towers (including the missing donor tower skins)
    • Much more!
    I hope you're all enjoying Group Raiding with the Party system! Let us know in the comments what you'd like to see going forward.

    Good luck everyone, and Clash On!
  2. xXLeoPlayzYT

    xXLeoPlayzYT New Member

    Torbjorn Approves of the work your do to make the server better a hinga dinga dergin
  3. Onmeuniggoed

    Onmeuniggoed New Member

  4. bensku1

    bensku1 Active Member

    wooho :D
  5. bensku1

    bensku1 Active Member

    oh wait... i lost literially all of my stuff just now ._.
  6. Sr_Potatin

    Sr_Potatin Member

    2 BarbKing axe =( AND FULL KING
  7. SuperEpic

    SuperEpic Member

    i lost like 30+ Dp items ;-;
  8. NoLyn46

    NoLyn46 New Member

    wearing king armor......not despawned yet........not taking it off....(although it almost broken :( )
  9. Peakee

    Peakee Guest

    Nice job in patching - Looking forward for the new updates.

    I heard that the Troop Battles areas look pretty dam cool ;)
  10. xVLBlur

    xVLBlur Member

    I am not going to lose my King pickaxe with Unbreaking III am I?
  11. Morik The Red

    Morik The Red New Member

    Good job with the update
  12. bensku1

    bensku1 Active Member

    not everyone has proof that they had items...
  13. AngelOPG

    AngelOPG New Member

    nice thats good but I lost all the King gear my friend gave me but still I will try my best to get stuff again atleast now these glitches are no longer on the server

    Best Server Ever!
    Keep up the good work :D
  14. Raider

    Raider King of Posts

    Great! Im probably gonna hop back on once one of the new updates come out!
  15. PawlerBear

    PawlerBear Guest

    I know you guys don't like it but this was very necessary. We had a huge problem with people duping the items and to solve that, the players are now banned and we did this update so that the duped items would disappear.

    Everyone lost their items. Even staff members and donors. I hope you guys will see that this was only done to help the server and the players to make it more fun for everyone.

    I'm so excited tho for the updates that are to come, like the clan island and donor towers :p.
  16. Raider

    Raider King of Posts

    If you've been here long enough for 5-6 resets... this seems very little compared to the resets
  17. bensku1

    bensku1 Active Member

    true xD but it still seems weird ;-;
  18. Kirito777

    Kirito777 New Member

    y cant i use my barbarian kit?
  19. bensku1

    bensku1 Active Member

  20. Raider

    Raider King of Posts

    Are you barbarian rank?
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