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  1. Sterliner

    Sterliner Member

    Hey Clashers!
    I'm cash expert and here I have a way to literally multiply your money in minutes!
    This method is 100% legal and 100% legit, so use to your advantage.

    So this farming method involves mushroom.
    Mushrooms sell for $18.8 when sold to the NPC. And a whole stack is worth 1,100$, that's some easy money

    Here are the farm requirements:
    At least 10 bones (craft into bone meal)
    1 RED Mushroom
    5 Mycelium Blocks
    Any kind of axe
    A free 6x6 area on your island


    Here are the steps to take to farm the mushroom.

    1. Find a free space on your island preferably 6x6.
    2. In the middle of the area mine the dirt and place the mycelium in its place.
    3. Place down your red mushroom on top of the mycelium.
    4. Use bone meal to boost its growth.
    5. Mine the mushroom blocks with any axe.
    6. Only go to sell when you have at least a stack of mushroom.
    7. Repeat steps 3-5 until you have enough.

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  2. ItsPsycho

    ItsPsycho Well-Known Member

    Nice tutorial! Now I see how you are the richest on the server! <3
  3. Sterliner

    Sterliner Member

    Lol thx psycho :p
  4. Raider

    Raider King of Posts

    Awesome! Now to make some mahney
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  5. Fox

    Fox Member

    This is an amazing way to make money, thanks!
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  6. Sterliner

    Sterliner Member

    Your Welcome foxy!
  7. Raider

    Raider King of Posts

    Although since were now donors we can mine in donor mine -_- thats way quicker
  8. Sterliner

    Sterliner Member

    true but my computer is so laggy that i can only play on my island so i cant mine
  9. Raider

    Raider King of Posts

    Oh R.I.P
  10. FireWarlock

    FireWarlock Member

    So going to try this when I get on next I need the $$$
  11. FireWarlock

    FireWarlock Member

    this is so good but I wonder if there are better ways or ways to make more money fast
  12. 07Dozer

    07Dozer New Member

    Nice way to get money, Thanks
  13. elitebiker23

    elitebiker23 New Member

    Finally i shall rule the world, haha
  14. firephoenix90

    firephoenix90 Member

    Now I wish that I wasn't at school and instead on the computer doing the trick xD.
  15. danieljad9

    danieljad9 Member

    Dude thanks for the tip, hope this still works :)
  16. noicatnets_XXX

    noicatnets_XXX New Member

    I'm tier 3 should I mine in tier 2 donor or do the mushroom farm?
  17. danieljad9

    danieljad9 Member

    I would do the mushroom farm as I am in teir 4 now and its still not good enough money
  18. drbloxog

    drbloxog New Member

    Mushroom farms are actually pretty helpful when you first start off.
  19. danieljad9

    danieljad9 Member

    Yes they are, I still use em and I'm at tier 4 mine cause I thought there would be iron here but apparently I have to wait till tier 5 or 6 :/
  20. 300crawfish

    300crawfish New Member

    Wow. This is great. No idea what the villager does with my stacks and stacks of mushrooms, but I'm not sure I want to know. :) Thanks for the money idea!
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