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  1. eeee8678

    eeee8678 Member

    My minecraft username is eeee8678(as no one knows me) and I'd just like to introduce myself :)

    I've been playing this server since hartogjan was a helper *Hence 8000 years back* and have been playing ever since. I even got my dad to buy me golem rank!

    My hobbies to do on craft of clans is to dead mine, pvp, or participate in any rewarding events. My main goal in the game is to get in-game rank purchases from other players yet I am mostly scammed :'(

    TacNathaniel is my twin brother and together(not really, he doesn't like me) we get in-game ranks! So far, he's gotten a miner purchase and I've yet to get on....

    Well that about sums it up for me. If you meet my brother in-game don't forget to say to TacNathaniel "You're a horrible brother!" and peace out.
  2. LordDragon6

    LordDragon6 New Member

    Coal is better than gold... coal is better than EVERYTHING!
  3. MinecraftKingBE

    MinecraftKingBE New Member

    ehhm, what is this thing about, anti-brother?
  4. LemonCakeDude

    LemonCakeDude Member

    coal isn't better than sandstone slabs
  5. TacNathaniel

    TacNathaniel Member

    but u can't sell sandstone slabs in the shop...
  6. LemonCakeDude

    LemonCakeDude Member

    so what, by the way your brother said to tell you that you are awful
  7. TacNathaniel

    TacNathaniel Member

  8. Gvili

    Gvili Member

    Welcome to the server
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