Giving old ranks has now expired.

Discussion in 'Server News & Updates' started by Peakee, Feb 10, 2018.

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    Craft of Clans - Giving back old ranks (Expired)
    Hello Everyone,

    As you might or might not be aware, when we opened CraftOfClans, We happyily gave the cost equivalent of their old ranks back and we have been doing so when someone has created a store support ticket.

    1 Year on, We think its enough time to give for players to make a support ticket to claim their old ranks back.
    So from now, we wont be giving old ranks back.
    You might say thats unfair, But in all honestly its not, players have had over 1 years to claim their old ranks back and some to make a support ticket.

    Why are we just putting this in place now?
    Well We are only doing it now as we wanted to give players enough time to come on and claim it back, most servers dont even give old ranks and items back when they have a reset... Its very rare if they do, but we did and we think we have been nothing more then generous in allowing 1 year to do so.

    There is many exciting updated and changes coming to Craft Of Clans, So you all better take a seat and hold on to your hats and if you havn't got a hat on... Well go get one on and hold onto it... Big things are coming.

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