Good Beginner Strategy for Getting Quick Gems

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by SullyMang, May 30, 2017.

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    This is kind of piggybacking off of a couple other threads have mentioned earlier but I just want to breakdown my strategy for a good flow of gems. I want to break it down into Active and Passive generation because it is the balance of both that can produce a good flow.

    Passive = production that doesn't require your undivided attention
    Active = hard labor


    Mining = in the lower tier mines, focus on coal and always create them as blocks before selling. When you reach tiers that provide gold and iron, focus on them. The key here is while you are trying to max your gem production, you are also gaining levels, which is very much needed if you want to be enchanting tools to quicken your mining pace and prepare you for raids

    Farming = Absolutely LOSE YOUR MIND farming for mushrooms. I made a mistake that turned out to be a blessing. I accidentally was holding shift when buying 2 diamond axes and instead bought 2 stacks of diamond axes. I was near tears knowing that the only way to get that money back was through using them for mushrooms. Going through 1 stack of the axes allowed me to upgrade my mine from tier 2 to tier 5 easily (but a little bit of my soul died inside).


    Smelting = now that you are back at your island from mining, throw all those gold and iron ores in the furnaces. In the time that it takes a stack of ores to smelt to ingots, you can get through 2 diamond axes while farming for mushrooms
    (PRO TIP! Use your axes to the very end but don't break them because you can sell them back at the shop for 200 gems, so you are really only paying 400 gems for a diamond axe.)

    Sugarcane Farm = create a large sugarcane farm that will just constantly be growing while you are mushroom farming


    • Mining is an active form of getting ores while also gaining levels which gives you a decent amount of gems. You can then use levels to improve pickaxe efficiency and durability to speed up your progress.
    • Mushroom farming is key and a must if you want to gain gems quickly. While you are doing this though you have your island chunk loaded, so use your space completely and smelt metals and grow sugarcane at the same time. After I sell my 16-18 stacks of mushroom, 2 diamond axes, and my ingots, I go back, knock down my sugarcane (produces about 20 stacks of sugarcane), then rinse and repeat the process

    If you survived this read, thank you so much for sticking around and I really hope this strategy can help you get a quick start! Please comment below for any other suggestions :)

    Peace out fellow Crafters
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