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Discussion in 'Raiding' started by muayo95, Aug 1, 2017.

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  1. muayo95

    muayo95 New Member

    Why do some guardians ex: lv 4 wizard have 220 hp but other lv 4 wizards have 2000+ HP? Curious if this is a bug or suppose to happen
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  2. Gvili

    Gvili Member

    Like how certain lvl 5 barbs need 200+ swings from a BARB KING SCEPTER to kill
  3. Yeah, I agree. Some lvl 4 Wizards have like 200 HP while others have 3K+. I don't see this a glitch, it might just be that the guardian's HP raises by the number of buildings on your island. I really don't know.
  4. firephoenix90

    firephoenix90 Member

    I think this should be fixed after the reset...
  5. SuperEpic

    SuperEpic Member

    this was only suppose to happen in 2 player raids but sometimes it doesn't happen so the problem is in 2 player raids is that it doesn't have the 3x Hp (if you're doing it in 2 player raids) :p
  6. LordFoxyPanda

    LordFoxyPanda Member

    As Super said, Guardians should only have extra hit points in party raids, which is determined by the amount of players in the raid. You can only raid with 2 right now so the increased effect is increased based off of 2 people.
  7. I have been to a party raid and usually its at lower health. there is also some times when i raid solo but the guardians health is at about 3k. Think its a bug
  8. Killer_2020

    Killer_2020 New Member

    I've been in a party raid and was balanced
  9. Not for me lmao
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