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Discussion in 'Server News & Updates' started by zombiepower, Oct 22, 2017.

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    Heyo Clashers

    We just released a new update on our server. We have a sPoOkY new hub and some extra new gadgets from rewards.

    You're now able to get candy pumpkins from raids/killing mobs and from crates. When you kill the guardian while you are raiding someone you will receive some candies ,with those candies you can buy some crazy armor and items. Some of the rewards include costume items that disguise you (zombie, skeleton, witch, and many others), special pumpkin armor, an elytra, a black cat pet/sidekick, and more.

    We also fixed a lot of bugs , if you still find some bugs make sure to report them here: http://www.craftofclans.net/forum/index.php?forums/bug-reports.80/ . We also gave everyone access to see if there is a staff member online so that you can pm him/her for help. The command is /staff

    Enjoy this sPoOkY update !
    Kind regards
    ~Staff Team~


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