Haveing a System for selling back Unwanted ce's

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by 911witherking, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. 911witherking

    911witherking New Member

    I have tunes of ce's that are good but i really dont need them and cant find players who are willing to buy them and i hate to see my gems be wasted on a item i cant use or sell i wish they had a system where you could sell back your ce's for a lesser price than which you bought them so common could be 2k to sell back rare could be 50k and Legendary could be 1ook to 125k. thoughts?
  2. KazzaRazza

    KazzaRazza Administrator Staff Member Administrator Recruitment Team

    You are able to turn unwanted ce's into dust :p
  3. 911witherking

    911witherking New Member

    i am not able scince i do not have a rank also dust is cheep compared to a legendary ce buy i would love for them to be able to give money books to be used for mine tiers and mine tiers only so like make the book curency for the mine tiers or something like that.

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