i think people are confused...

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Should i get all my ranks back or just knight?

  1. Yes you should get all back

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  2. No none of them

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  3. Only knight rank

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  1. IKawaiiWolfie

    IKawaiiWolfie New Member

    My old username was Carlo909, i think thats the confusion then i changed it to Carlo505, then i changed it to IKawaiiWolfie and zombie power is getting confused and thinks i'm lying about my rank can someone please correct zombiepower some of my friends know i had golem,miner,penguin,knight. if you don't belive me ask IIKawaiiWolfie or MagicHeroBrine. I only have proof i bought knight sadly, AND the knight rank was on sale!

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  2. IKawaiiWolfie

    IKawaiiWolfie New Member

    Transition ID 4AA387134J209192C.
    When Bought: August 8.

    You might not know me you might if I tell you i'm Carlo909 then changed my name to Carlo505 then IKawaiiWolfie so just letting you know
  3. LordFoxyPanda

    LordFoxyPanda Member

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