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  1. IceDragon1974

    IceDragon1974 Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    IceDragon’s Tips for Newbies.

    Hi Guys,
    here is some of my tips and tricks for improving you gem income. Please remember that English is not my first language so please forgive my grammar. Please feel free to add advice and suggestions

    1). Expand your island as soon as possible. It becomes more expensive to expand, but more land means more farming possibilities and thus more gems. Just remember not to farm an expansion BEFORE you placed structures, otherwise you will need to break down your farm to make space for the structures. You will plan your farms around your structures. Even with structures there will be enough space to do that. See picture.

    Sugarcane Farm [​IMG]

    Mushroom Farm [​IMG]

    2) Start farming mushroom and Sugarcane (just remember that you cannot sell sugarcane. Turn it into sugar by placing the sugarcane on a Crafting Table). Both are renewable incomes and if planned well could really boost your income. For more on farming see these interesting articles from this forum:

    Article 1 and Article 2
    You need to plant sugarcane next to water, but it is quite easy to do. TIP: placing lilies on the water will make it easier to move and harvest the sugarcane.

    Look at this picture.


    You can see I have two rows of sugarcanes surrounded by a single trench of water. In my experience this is the best layout and if planned properly you will utilize your open space to capacity. When harvesting the sugarcane, you only harvest the top 2 rows. Always leave the bottom canes so your farm will regrow. You can get 1203 gems for a stack (64) mushrooms and 403 gems for a stack (64) of sugar. It doesn’t sound like much, but with the size of my farm I can harvest 38 stacks of sugarcane. After turning that into sugar I can get about 15k for that in a few minutes. The same is true of mushrooms. With a decent supply of axes and bonemeal you can easily get 10 stacks of mushrooms, which equals 12k. BUT, Farming will not be your main income, but it will augment your mining income. You cannot smelt ores while you are away from your island. Simply standing around while your ores smelt is frustrating. I have 15+ furnaces running to smelt my ores. While they are smelting I harvest my sugar and some mushrooms. By the time my gold ingots and iron ingots are ready to sell I can add another 30k-40k to my mining profits thanks to farming.

    3). Mine with focus. Your picks will break so you cannot afford to drop valuable blocks for useless blocks. So, what do you get when mining? This is priced for stacks. One stack is 64 of a certain item. A block is formed by 9 items, i.e. 9 iron ingots make a block. So a stack of iron blocks is 64 blocks of Iron, which are 64x9=576 ingots.

    As you get to the higher tiers you do not want you inventory filled by items like Redstone or coal (unless you need them). You want only valuable items. TIP: Seed your Inventory before mining (or take a quick mining session to get the required seeds). By seeding I mean that you will place on block of each item you want to mine into your inventory to completely fill it. I.e. you do not want to fill your inventory with redstone or coal (unless you need it to smelt) when you can get more for cobblestone in tier 1. Rather mine cobblestone. On the higher tiers you do not want to fill your inventory with redstone, coal etc when you can add Iron Ore, Gold Ore, blue Lapis which gives you by far the most income – see below). I mine Tier 10 and I learned that the following is doable for me: I seed my inventory with 4 blocks of iron, 9 pieces of iron ore, 9 pieces of gold ore and 12 pieces of Blue Lapis. With only a pickaxe in my hand these completely fill my inventory.

    See image of my inventory before mining [​IMG]

    as an example. I mine, and every time a certain item is filled (i.e. I have 18 stacks of blue lapis – Gives 2929 Gems), I pop to the shop and sell those, always leaving the 8 seeds). I continue to do this with all blocks that reach capacity until I have at least 4 full blocks of Iron. Then I sell all (although I will always store most of the ores for smelting later). After smelting and breaking the blocks into ingots I can get around 134k from mining this way.

    Below is a list of what you get in the shop for the items you can mine: from least to most valuable

    · Stack of Redstone 19.2 gems.

    · Stack of coal 38.4 gems

    · Stack of Cobble 51.2 gems

    · Stack of glowstone dust 76.8 gems

    · Stack of Blue Lapis 198.4

    · Stack of Gold Ore 1600 gems

    · Stack of Iron Ore 2240 gems

    · Stack of Gold ingots 2240 gems

    · Stack of Iron Ingots 2280 gems.

    · Stack of iron blocks 17.2k gems (1x iron block gives 270 gems).

    TIP – Break an Iron block into ingots before selling. You get more for some reason. 9 Iron ingots give you 405 gems. That is 135 gems more. This doesn’t seem like much, but on the higher tiers it is quite easy to mine 64 blocks or iron. Selling 64 blocks of iron give you 17.28k gems. Breaking those iron blocks into ingots first give you 25.92k. That is a whopping 8.6k more for the same blocks. TIP – Just make sure you do not break an iron block into ingots if you do not have enough open space in your inventory. You will lose ingots

    4). Mine layouts:
    It is very expensive to reach the higher tiers. Here is a depiction of the mines and what you can mine there as well as what it costs to unlock (in brackets).

    Tier 1 (Free) and Tier 2 (3.5k gems) – Cobblestone, Glowstone, Coal and Redstone.

    Tier 3 (30k gems) and Tier 4 (160k gems) – Same as Tier 2 but with added Blue Lapis and Gold.

    Tier 5 (310k) and Tier 6 (400k gems) Tier 7 (900k gems) With added iron ore and Tier 6 adds a Zombie pit (for XP Points I presume).

    Tier 8 (1.5mil gems), Tier 9 (2.75mil gems) and Tier 10 (4.5 Mil gems) Added Iron Blocks (equal to 9 iron ingots (See tip above about Breaking iron blocks into ingots).

    Other tips:

    - Get an Ender Chest. Buy one (10k gems – not recommended) or make one (4k). Place it on your island (but hide it well). It will come in handy when your sugar and mushroom stacks are more than your open spaces in your inventory. You can pop some into the ender chest, fill you inventory and sell that. Run to the ender chest in the capital, get the rest and sell them. Saves time.
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  2. noicatnets_XXX

    noicatnets_XXX New Member

    How do you smelt ores if you won't take coal?
    Does this strategy work tier 9?
    You don't have to hide your Ender Chest.
    I think you should add:
    If your base is weak for your Town Hall and you're planning to buy something big (a tier update) you should hide all your ores/ingots in a hidden chest and sell all the ingots/blocks at once, because if they raid you they'll take 10% of your gems.
    If you're tier 1-4 you should only do the mushroom/sugar farm because tier 1-4 mines are bad
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  3. IceDragon1974

    IceDragon1974 Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    As I said, unless you need coal. Check above "As you get to the higher tiers you do not want you inventory filled by items like Redstone or coal (unless you need them)."

    Luckily Coal is easy to get and getting a few stacks for your furnace is quick.

    It does, but it works on all tiers. If you look closely my argument is that you should limit the items you pick up to the highest value when possible. You get more from a mining session. So in tier 1 you can almost pick up everything. In tier 3 or 4 you want to seed your inventory to focus on gold, blue lapis, glowstone and Cobblestone since they are the more valuable. You do not want to pick up redstone or coal (unless you need some for smelting). That is why I added the values of the items so you can determine the best ratio for "seeding" you inventory based on the tier you are on. I am on tier 10, so I focus on Iron Blocks, Gold Ore, Iron Ore and Blue Lapis.

    I think you do, but this is just a personal preference. If you are raided the raider can access his/her Ender Chest through your chest. Giving them access to more weapons/armor/or food (depending on what they have in their ender chest) or giving them more space to take your stuff. Filling their inventory with your gold as well as any open spaces in their ender chest.

    Very good advice. We should also add that you must empty all chests within you Town Hall before upgrading as everything in the chest are cleared (lost) when upgrading.

    Good advice, but tier 3 and 4 add Blue Lapis and gold. So it is actually only tier 1 and 2 that is really bad.

    Thanks for you replies. I appreciate them
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  4. LordFoxyPanda

    LordFoxyPanda Member

    Hey, I've noticed that if you sell iron ingots rather than iron blocks, it sells for around twice as much. So taking the stack of iron blocks and turning it into ingots will boost your income by a lot.
  5. IceDragon1974

    IceDragon1974 Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Yes, this is very important.

    I do not know why you get more for ingots. It is a bit time consuming, but you can do it without a crafting table by typing E and placing the iron block in your crafting grid. You can do this while standing at the shop. Just remember, as I said above, make sure you have enough open space in your inventory before breaking a block into ingots.
  6. IceDragon1974

    IceDragon1974 Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Here is a picture of one of my freshly harvested Sugarcane fields. This field alone gave me 45 stacks of sugar. It took only a few minutes to harvest and turn into sugar. I got a nice 18k just from this field alone. In about a half hour I will repeat this. Farming really adds up in the long run. Just remember the focus of farming is to give you something profitable to do while you wait for the ores to smelt. Mining is the big income in this game.
  7. 1 diamond ore = 200 gold if u have fortune pick buy that instead of the tools or diamond
  8. bone meal dosent work yknow
  9. IceDragon1974

    IceDragon1974 Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Not sure what you mean by this. I suspect you mean that mushrooms do not always grow when you feed them bonemeal. That is part of the game. Below I pasted from the Official Minecraft wiki about this. You will see that there is a chance that a mushroom will grow big. There is also other conditions that must be met.
    That is why we plant them on mycelium, because as the wiki indicates when you plant them on mycelium, it will grow in any light source.
    You still have to make sure it has enough space. It needs a space of six blocks all around. And even then there is no guarantee that it will grow huge everytime.

    That is why my island is littered with mycelium and mushroom. I walk around, dropping 1x bonemeal on a mushroom. If it grows I move on to the next, if it doesn't grow I also move on to the next. I never throw more than one bonemeal per mushroom in a session. You can throw 10x bonemeal on one mushroom and never see it grow, or you can grow 10 mushroom in a row. You never know. But it works.

    Just remember that Mushrooms are only there to have something to do while you smelt your iron and gold. Mushrooms alone will not make you rich. I become bored waiting for gold to smelt because it takes time to smelt. This way while you wait you do not lose time or money.
  10. IceDragon1974

    IceDragon1974 Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    This idea intrigued me so I decided to test it out. My pick has fortune III. I took 5000 gems and bought 5x5 blocks of diamonds of diamonds. I mined 5 blocks at a time and sold what I got from each 5 block set. Here's my results:

    1). 5 Block - paid 1000 gems. 9 diamonds. Sold for 675 gems. Lost 325 gems
    2) 5 Blocks - paid 1000 gems. 13 diamonds. Sold for 975 gems. Lost 25 gems.
    3) 5 Blocks - paid 1000 gems. 5 diamonds (wonder why?) Sold for 375 gems. Lost 625 gems.
    4) 5 Blocks - paid 1000 gems. 11 diamonds. Sold for 825 gems. Lost 175 gems
    5) 5 Blocks - paid 1000 gems. 11 diamonds. Sold for 825 gems. Lost 175 gems.

    Total cost: 5000 gems. Total income: 3675 gems. Total Loss: 1325 gems.

    The highest level for Fortune is III. Here is what the wiki says about Fortune:
    Diamons sell for 75 gems each. You will need to have consistently 14 diamonds or more for every 5 diamond ores you mine to be profitable. So you need an average of almost 3 diamonds per ore to be profitable. With the percentages indicated above I do not think it is feasible. I suspect that the owners considered this and lowered the gems per diamond accordingly. Nice idea, and it would have been nice if it was this easy. Unfortunately it won't work consistently in the long run.
  11. JEstriker12

    JEstriker12 New Member

    thanks for all the help!
  12. Wow. Is there even diamonds in mines thoa?
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