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  1. ItsPsycho

    ItsPsycho Well-Known Member

    Since the server has opened, I have come up with many different ways in which a player could use to start off on CraftOfClans. So let me show you some of them:

    Tip 1 - Blocks, Ores and Ingots - Should you convert them or not?
    • 1 iron block sells for 270 gems. 9 iron ingots sell for 405 gems.
    • 1 coal block sells for 6 gems. 9 coal sells for 5.4 gems.
    • 1 redstone block sells for 5 gems. 9 redstone dust sells for 2.7 gems
    • 1 lapis lazuli block sells for 8 gems. 9 lapis lazuli sells for 27.9 gems.
    • 1 gold block sells for 315 gems. 9 gold ingots sell for 315 gems.
    • 1 diamond block sells for 630 gems. 9 diamonds sell for 675 gems.
    • 1 emerald block sells for 810 gems. 9 emeralds sell for 855 gems.
    • 1 iron ore sells for 35 gems. 1 iron ingot sells for 45 gems.
    • 1 gold ore sells for 25 gems. 1 gold ingot sells for 35 gems.
    As you can see from this information, by converting your blocks into ingots, you will get much more money apart from coal and redstone where you will lose money by using this strategy. Personally, I think that converting lapis lazuli blocks into lapis lazuli is the most worth while because the difference at the lower tier levels is dramatic. If you convert them into blocks before selling, you could be losing lots of gems per block.

    Tip 2 - Farming
    • 64 cocoa beans sell for 198.4 gems. 1 cocoa bean sells for 3.1 gems.
    • 64 bread sells for 422.4 gems. 1 bread sells for 6.6 gems.
    • 64 melon blocks sell for 300.8 gems. 1 melon block sells for 4.7 gems.
    • 64 pumpkins sell for 262.4 gems. 1 pumpkin sells for 4.1 gems.
    • 64 cactus sell for 179.4 gems. 1 cacti sells for 1.4 gems.
    • 64 mushrooms sell for 1203.3 gems. 1 mushroom sells for 18.8 gems.
    As you can see with these results, farming doesn't really give you many benefits because it is long, slow and a pain to do so mining would be much more worthwhile. However, the final result of "mushrooms" is worth about 3 times as much as the 2nd most valuable thing "bread". All you need to do this is 20 gems for 1 mycelium block, 20 gems for 1 mushroom and 10 gems for 1 bone to create bonemeal. By placing the mushroom onto the mycelium and giving bonemeal to the mushroom, it creates a mushroom tree which you can break with you pickaxe so that mushrooms will drop (I believe that fortune works on the mushroom blocks too). Now you can sell all your mushrooms to the shop (except 1 to replant) and repeat the process. This strategy is one of the best ways for any new player to start off with on CraftOfClans.

    Tip 3 - Mining - Beginner Level
    • 64 oak logs sell for 96 gems. 1 oak log sells for 1.5 gems.
    • 64 cobblestone sells for 51.2 gems. 1 cobblestone sells for 0.8 gems.
    • 64 glowstone dust sells for 76.8 gems. 1 glowstone dust sells for 1.2 gems.
    • 64 coal sells for 38.4 gems. 1 coal sells for 0.6 gems.
    • 64 redstone dust sells for 19.2 gems. 1 redstone dust sells for 0.3 gems.
    From these sets of results you can see that cobble stone is worth more than coal and redstone and glowstone is worth more than cobble. However oak logs are worth more than cobble, glowstone, coal and redstone so are more beneficial to your gem balance than mining in tier1. You should get more money early on by mining logs instead of actually going into the mine and mining other things.

    Thank you everyone for reading this but that is all that I have currently to help you out. If anyone else has found out about a really cool and efficient way that they are earning money, please post a reply to this thread and I will edit it into the thread as soon as I find out about it. If this thread has helped you in any way, shape or form, please click the like button and I will continue to find cool new ways in which you can earn more gems and become the best clasher on the server!
  2. Sterliner

    Sterliner Member

    lol psycho idk what server your on but half of these prices are wrong. And i wish mushroom did sell for 37$ per, its only 18.8 ;-;
  3. ItsPsycho

    ItsPsycho Well-Known Member

    Oh... I need to half them all, I was opped for building.... Will correct them.
  4. PrinceAstro

    PrinceAstro New Member

    Thanks anyway though for the guide, and the mushroom tip was great.
    ItsPsycho likes this.
  5. Sterliner

    Sterliner Member

    im already super rich.. this is irrelevant
  6. ItsPsycho

    ItsPsycho Well-Known Member

    Haha xD! 400k is a nice balance ;)
  7. ItsPsycho

    ItsPsycho Well-Known Member

    I think the prices are fixed now. :D
  8. Sterliner

    Sterliner Member

  9. Raider

    Raider King of Posts

  10. Fox

    Fox Member

    This is quite useful, I'll use this to my advantage, thanks! ( I knew the conversions, but the farming is useful :) )
  11. Raider

    Raider King of Posts

    Make those mushroom farms!
  12. Fox

    Fox Member

    I already did, but now I'm just focusing on helping players ;)
  13. ItsPsycho

    ItsPsycho Well-Known Member

    Yes, farming mushrooms is the best way to earn money in the lower tiers currently because it is quick, easy and sells for so much.
  14. CoolDragon123_

    CoolDragon123_ Lord of them all Staff Member Sr. Moderator Builder Recruitment Team

    psycho these would deffinately help people. the start helped me. thank you. hope you have a good day :)
  15. Woah this is cool, thanks for the info!!
  16. JEstriker12

    JEstriker12 New Member

    this is very helpful thanks
  17. Mushrooms are that op! 0_0
  18. Also what if donald trump gets a new haircut then what o_O
  19. Gvili

    Gvili Member

    very helpful :D
  20. PmBlue

    PmBlue Member

    This is the most helpful thing ever! These numbers help alot! And it gave me a video idea that if made will probably use this. Ill make sure to give credit, this is awesome.
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