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So... Did this thread help you?

  1. Not at all... It was worse than Donald Trump's haircut!

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  2. Yes definately! I now can become super rich!

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  3. I already knew all of these...

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  4. Good, but it needs more content. -_-

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  1. Peytonmcquillen if you advertise something of mine i might be able to give you 10dragon heads 10 golem stone axes 10wizard wands 10barbaric swords 10archer coumpound bows {:
  2. PmBlue

    PmBlue Member

    Im listening:p
  3. Killer_2020

    Killer_2020 New Member

    Thanks, I love your tips, I guess I'm gonna be rich now :)

    ~Your Friendly Barbarian ~
  4. Killer_2020

    Killer_2020 New Member

    I agree ;-D
  5. Killer you wont be rich :p My job is to keep the economy poor
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