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Discussion in 'Events' started by PawlerBear, Oct 14, 2017.

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  1. PawlerBear

    PawlerBear Guest

    Tomorrow (15th October) at 4pm EDT we are hosting an event called "king of the hill".

    You will be given knockback sticks you are supposed to knock every on off while still staying on the hill then get to the top. If you're the last person who got to the top before time runs out, then you win!

    We got some prices for you if you win ;)

    See you there!
  2. ITZXNeon

    ITZXNeon New Member

  3. No, tommorrow
  4. ITZXNeon

    ITZXNeon New Member

    can u look up the timezone for norway and explain me please @TheIceCreamBoss
  5. TheFrog26

    TheFrog26 New Member

    Neon, Pm me in discord what time it is for you and I will answer your question
  6. I already told him it's 10pm for him or her.
  7. TheFrog26

    TheFrog26 New Member

    So Did I xD
  8. Hulksmash2000

    Hulksmash2000 New Member

    I wonder how this works I never been in a event
  9. TheFrog26

    TheFrog26 New Member

    You just try to stay on top of the hill and punch everybody else off
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