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  1. zombiepower

    zombiepower Legacy Administrator Legacy Admin

    Hello Clashers

    It is a long time ago since we posted our last event but we are back with a cool event for you guys. We will be playing Koth(King Of The Hill) , the meaning of this game is to try to become the king of the hill. You will get a knockback stick and you need to kick everyone off the mauntain but you have to try to stay on top of the mountain to become the King. The game will end after 2minutes. The person who became the last king will win the game. Ofcource we are gonna give some prices away so try to join our event.

    We will be playing the game in 2hours. 9pm Gmt+1 ( 2pm Est). Come join us and get some amazing prices.

    Cya in 2hours ;)
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  2. Kade

    Kade Member

    I am helping host it ;P
  3. Gvili

    Gvili Member

  4. Jewels14

    Jewels14 New Member

    Cool, to enter what do you do? Do you just show up???
  5. _Siamese_cat_

    _Siamese_cat_ Member

    Have school tommorow so Im not possible to participate I hope you all have fun!!
  6. Kade

    Kade Member

    The Event is today
  7. _Siamese_cat_

    _Siamese_cat_ Member

    Ik But I cant Get on late Because of tommorow
  8. @zombiepower u are +2 and Eastern Daylight Time is 6pm.... PDT is 2pm...
    Learn ur time zones
  9. _Siamese_cat_

    _Siamese_cat_ Member

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