Mines Are Not Good Enough! Clashers Lets Go On Strike!

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Sterliner, May 5, 2017.


Should mines improve?

  1. Yes, they are not good enough.

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  2. No, they are "ok".

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  1. Sterliner

    Sterliner Member

    As staff may know, most of us old players are not as satisfied with this years mines. The mines last year were op, but this year the mines are even less than ok. I understand that the economy is more "realistic" now in my opinion because now the shop prices have lowered. But still going mining is not that money producing on the lower end of tiers, (tier 1-4), where most of us are at right now. Only good block to sell now in the mines is iron and thats only in tier 5 and up. Not even diamonds or emeralds in mines this year, making the only possible way to get them is to buy them from shop. Ive been to here is a picture of regular tier 10 mine

    So estimating from the screenshot i took, in tier 10 you can mine for proximately 1 hour and at most make 100k, most people only spend at most 3hrs per day mining. This is tier 10 so it cost around 9million to get to there. Meaning if you were to make it here it would not be worth it until like a couple of months if your that dedicated to mining.

    Here are the per item prices of the things you can mine in the mines:

    Cobblestone: $0.8 per

    Coal: $0.6 per

    Redstone: $0.3 per
    RedStone Block: $5 per

    Glowstone Dust: $1.2 per

    Gold ore: $25 per
    Gold Ingot: $35 per

    Lapiz: $3.2 per

    Iron ore: $35 per
    Iron Ingot: $45 per
    Iron Block - 9 iron ingots: $405 per

    ^^^ Is all the stuff that you can sell from mining, making iron blocks made into iron ingot the best, and iron blocks dont come until tier 7, not that good to me.

    Tell me what you think and lets make a change in the mining community

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  2. LemonCakeDude

    LemonCakeDude Member

    wow, when i first saw the picture i thought this would be tier5....
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  3. Raider

    Raider King of Posts

    I would suggest you add gold blocks, diamond ore and emerald ore to the mines
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  4. Sterliner

    Sterliner Member

    We Have Change People ;) Thank Eric!
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  5. darcdragon

    darcdragon Member

    Donor mines took a hit last year now all mines are taking a hit
  6. LemonCakeDude

    LemonCakeDude Member

    lapis actually costs 3.1 gems :p
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  7. ShadowLights_

    ShadowLights_ New Member

    I agree with the mines being kind of a slow way of earning money. If the economy could get upped by a bit even that may fix it. i have also seen that the mine upgrade prices have varied, once it was 20k, when i last saw it and bought it it was 5k. Like 30 minutes after it was down to 3.5k. I think they are atleast trying to fix the economy.
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  8. jmills321

    jmills321 New Member

    The mines just buffed yesterday
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  9. darcdragon

    darcdragon Member

    they were buffed after this post was made
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  10. Sterliner

    Sterliner Member

    Mines were not buffed but mine prices have been lowered:

    > Tier 2 = 3500 gems
    Tier 3 = 30,000 gems
    Tier 4 = 160,000 gems
    Tier 5 = 310,000 gems
    Tier 6 = 400,000 gems
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  11. aza5459

    aza5459 New Member

    I remember playing a year ago and there was iron in tier 2. Now I'm in tier 3 doner mine and there's no iron. even then last year I was able to use the mines to rank up. This time though I was mining wood. Which made MORE money than the tier 1 mine
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  12. ShadowLights_

    ShadowLights_ New Member

    Haha, i was in the same situation aza, mining wood to rankup. =P
  13. ItsPsycho

    ItsPsycho Well-Known Member

    The mining system is based on how much people earn over time. As you can see in /mines they go up to tier20 in tier20 it WILL have diamonds and emeralds but it is aimed so it is very hard to get to. You can't just get diamonds and emeralds with about a few weeks of hard work. The server has only been released a week so people shouldnt be mining diamonds.
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  14. Vapples

    Vapples Member

    You don't want it to be too hard to where players will become discouraged. Despite that, I enjoy the new server immensely.
  15. darcdragon

    darcdragon Member

    we need a 2x weekend to balance it out
  16. Vapples

    Vapples Member

    I think gradual adjustments/tweaks would be better. A 2x weekend would be sudden and might put the economy into chaos for a while. Some players might feel discouraged anyway when their income drops after the event. I do like the concept of an income boost as an occasional event though; just not an answer to an economic problem.
  17. Zenfloy

    Zenfloy Member

    I have somewhat of a solution. Check out bugs and suggestions.
  18. aza5459

    aza5459 New Member

    Well If there were Price multipliers I think it should go like think
    X=mine tier


    Just a suggestion also for ranks to add to the value

    X=normal tier bonus And Y=Bonus Rank teir (I.e. barbarian= tier 1 Golem= tier 3)


    That's it hope you can do math
  19. Vapples

    Vapples Member

    Wouldn't the server have to keep track of which mine the items came from?
  20. danieljad9

    danieljad9 Member

    This was a cool thread to read and see how the economy evolved
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