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Discussion in 'Strategy' started by FireWarlock, Apr 28, 2017.

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  1. FireWarlock

    FireWarlock Member

    if you mine the ores it is actually less money then mining wood when I get home I will do a full test and post the results on here I will approx mine hen both for 15mins each and show you amount gather and amount sold for
  2. shadowhuntershan

    shadowhuntershan New Member

    sounds great thanks :)
  3. LemonCakeDude

    LemonCakeDude Member

    mining wood is good but you dont get any exp so i recommend that you mine untill around lv 33 so when you get enough money from wood mining to get into tier 2 you can enchant a diamond pickaxe, then you are making real money
  4. FireWarlock

    FireWarlock Member

  5. danieljad9

    danieljad9 Member

    I figured this out without the thread and I'm so glad I did or tier 1 would have been painfull
  6. 300crawfish

    300crawfish New Member

    Heh, yes. I wasn't as smart and had to find the strategy on the forums. I've probably made about 25k total, and about 24k was probably from mushroom farming.
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