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Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Mattb2291, Jul 29, 2017.

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  1. Mattb2291

    Mattb2291 Member

    Hi all,

    I know others have posted about mushroom farming previously, and it is a super good method of earning gems while waiting for ores to smelt :) Couple of tips and tricks pulled into one thread if you want to go down that route as a secondary or tertiary income source:
    1. Mycelium can be converted to dirt if covered (same as grass). Therefore it is beneficial to have a 3x3 area of mycelium so farming can continue while any dirt is converted back to mycelium by the others spreading. Alternatively, other blocks could be used if found (shop does not sell Podzol)
    2. The dirt conversion is due to the growth of the stalk block (covering the mycelium). The need to wait for re-spread can therefore be reduced by mining this stalk block as soon as possible.
    3. Huge mushrooms can occasionally grow super tall. This can slow down progress and reduce harvest rates. To prevent this, put obsidian 8 blocks above the ground (dirt, seven blocks of air, obsidian). This prevents the massive mushrooms, and only giant ones are formed. Credit to
    4. If the giant (no massive) mushroom trick is used, an iron axe can chop through exactly 5 mushrooms before you should swap it. This uses a gem-saving tip by @IceDragon1974 here:
      Chop 5 giant mushrooms and swap out the axe :)
    5. Seed your inventory with a row of mushrooms, as it'll help when you pick them up (not all over your inventory) and come to sell them
  2. IceDragon1974

    IceDragon1974 Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Brilliant post by Mattb2291. Newbies should really read take note of this post. I am often asked how I make my gems, and mushroom farming forms an integral part of my success since it is almost unlimited. Mushroom farming is inexhaustible, as long as you have mycelium, mushrooms, bonemeal and axes you can keep going.

    I would like to add to this post by actually calculating the "per minute" profit potential of mushroom farming. JUST REMEMBER: Mushroom farming is an additional income in conjunction to mining and smelting ores.

    For this calculation I decided to farm for 10 minutes and see how much I can profit in this time after subtracting my costs.

    I bought a stack (64 bones) of bones for 640 gems. This gave me 3 stacks (64x3) of bonemeal. One stack of bonemeal costs 640/3=213.3 gems. An iron axe (best cost to performance option) costs 95 gems, but remember you can sell it back for 90 gems (see point 4 above - Mattb2291 makes an important point: do not try to farm more than five large mushrooms with an iron axe. He knows what he is talking about, swap it for a new one).

    I started with 1 mushroom on a grid of 12 mycelium blocks. I bought 5 axes for 475 gems.

    I farmed for 10 full minutes, using some of the dropped mushrooms to seed the next Large Mushroom.

    I managed to farm a total of 4x64 stacks of mushrooms and one batch of 35 mushrooms. I sold this for 7877.2 gems. I used a total of 57 bonemeal (remember that a mushroom is not guaranteed to grow when you give it bonemeal) which cost 188.1 gems and 5 axes which cost 25 gems (95 gems per axe, but I sold the 5 back for 90 gems).

    So here is my profit: 7877.2 - 188.1 - 25 = 7664.1 gems in 10 minutes. This is a potential gem income of 766 gems per minute. Which is quite good, considering that a new player can consistently repeat this. When you compare the potential gems per minute between mushroom farming and mining alone, mushrooms beat mining hands down in the lower mining tiers. But once you reach higher tiers, mining does become more profitable. Of course mushroom farming and mining should be used in conjunction.

    So how much will it cost a newbie to get started?
    I decided to start with as little as possible (650 gems, about the price of a Diamond pickaxe).

    9x Mycelium Blocks - 180
    9x mushrooms - 180
    2x Iron Axes - 190
    10x Bones (30x Bonemeal) - 100

    Total costs 650 gems
    I used both axes to almost breaking point (farming 10 Large mushrooms). I replanted mushrooms on all the empty mycelium blocks before selling.

    I was left with 6 pieces of bonemeal (from 30), 2 damaged axes and 124 mushrooms. I sold the iron axes for 180 gems and the mushrooms for 2331.2 for a total of 2511.2 gems. My total profit is 1861.2. So a newbie can start making money with 650 gems or less.
  3. BlightDragon

    BlightDragon New Member

    but wait what makes more mushrooms or sugar?
  4. Mattb2291

    Mattb2291 Member

    Good question :) Mushrooms make more per unit, but it would depend on the size of your sugarcane farm since it is a passive growth.

    Therefore for simplicity, lets assume this is 20 minutes for full sugarcane growth across the farm.

    From @IceDragon1974's testing with mushrooms, it looks like they'd generate 7664.1 in 10 minutes, so 15,328.2 gems profit in 20 minutes.

    You need to convert the sugarcane into sugar (let's assume this takes no time at all) and also harvest it in the first place (again assume no time to do). Each sugar sells for 6.3 gems, meaning you would need to have over 2430 sugarcanes (38 stacks) returned from your farm to make the same as mushrooms.

    If your normal player sugarcane farm is larger than 1215 sugarcanes (approximately 5 chunks - 5 expansions of the island), you would make more from harvesting the sugarcane.

    Chances are, for most people, mushroom farming gives a greater return unless it's a massive farm island.

    Of course, the best option is to be smelting ores, waiting for the sugarcane to grow, and cutting mushrooms. Then sell the mushrooms, harvest the sugarcane and finally get all the ingots from the furnaces.
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  5. IceDragon1974

    IceDragon1974 Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Yes, mushroom is by far the most profitable, especially for people just starting out. I make between 15k-20k from sugar in about 15-20 minutes if I harvest every last one and not just until my inventory is full. If you plan your sugarcane farm well, harvesting sugarcane is quite quick. You just run over them, hitting the middle sections and catching the top two sections while leaving the bottom section to regrow. The faster you run, the faster you can harvest.

    I plant sugarcane for gems, but there are 2 other reasons:
    1) Farming just mushrooms or just sugarcane can become repetitive. Farming both gives you an alternative.
    2) I like the green color on my island, so I plant them to make my island look nice. Mushrooms also looks nice. I have dotted my whole island with mushrooms and I harvest them when I need and regrow them for the color.

    But for extra income through farming nothing beats mushrooms.

    I say this alot, but this is the only reason I farm: Smelting gold and iron ore takes time in a furnace.

    The more you mine the more time you need. Smelting ONLY happens while you are on your island. The moment you go to the capital or a mine, smelting on your island stops. If you have 7 stacks of iron ore and 7 stacks of gold ore it will take a while (depending on the number of furnaces) to smelt all. When you are building or expanding your island "waiting" for the smelting process is not problem, but if you are "done for now" with your island, you waste time and gems just standing in front of the furnace.

    Farming gives me something to do WHILE waiting for the smelting to complete. I usually mine a few sessions until I have a lot of ores. Then I smelt all the ores. In the meantime I harvest my mushrooms and sugar. The mushrooms and sugar gives me an additional 30k-50k.

    When reaching tier 8 and above you start mining iron blocks - That is 9 ingots in a single block you mine. Smelting drops significantly after that so mining becomes even more profitable, but I still farm.

    Newbies should really take notice of this post by Mattb2291. It will really help them getting a stronger foothold in this game, especially while trying to unlock tiers 4 and up. With a small mushroom farm a newbie can unlock Tier 3 in less than an hour just by farming mushrooms. Thereafter getting the 160 000 gems for tier 4 will be reached by combining mining and farming.
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  6. Suger cane is easyest and best in my oppion but you might wana just go and mine!
  7. IceDragon1974

    IceDragon1974 Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Sugarcane farming is really easy, but to make a lot of gems you need a lot of space. A stack (64) of sugar sells for 403 gems, but to get 64 sugar you need a plot of at least 36 stalks, with water to feed the sugarcane it is quite a large area. Add also the time needed for the sugarcane to grow it takes some time for suguarcane to grow it can take some time to get a lot of sugar if your island is not big yet.

    For Mushroom you only need a bit of open space and one spot to place the mycelium. A stack of mushroom sells for 1203 gems. So you need almost 3 stacks of sugarcane to get the same amount of gems. You van get started with mushrooms for less than 1000 gems and you can farm your money back in about 5-10 min.

    Of course, I believe you use both and with time mining does become the most profitable, but for a starting player it is hard to beat mushroom
  8. :) anyways do people use mushrooms anymore?
  9. IceDragon1974

    IceDragon1974 Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    I do not know. I have lots of mushrooms on my island. But newbies just starting out will do well to invest in a mushroom farm until their islands are big enough to get a large sugarcane farm going and until they reach higher mining tiers. But, for me personally, it is not a question of the one or the other: it is doing both :-D
  10. I never used them really. for me mineing is the new way.
  11. At Teir 10, the iron and gold ore is really worthless... I just mine and sell all of it without smelting. Iron Blocks give the most imcome.
  12. SullyMang

    SullyMang Member

    Unfortunately this information is incorrect TheIceCreamBoss. The best thing to do is to break down the iron block into iron ingots.

    Iron ingot = 45 gems
    Iron block = 270 gems

    Since 1 iron block is 9 iron ingots, then the resulting gems per ingot is = 270/9 = 30 gems

    So not breaking down your iron blocks actually reduces your profit significantly by 15 gems per iron ingot.

  13. @SullyMang i know :p What i meant was i don't smelt the iron ores. Sorry :p
  14. Also make sure to have a Coc-Premium sell it for you you get 25% more gems!
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