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Discussion in 'Youtube Showcase' started by Asawp, Jun 12, 2017.

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  1. Asawp

    Asawp New Member

    Hi could you guys check out my channel
    i havnt done any craft of clans videos yet due too poor computer but i am planning too soon also i have done 1 clash of clans cuz why not, any feedback would be gratefully appreciated and maybe a sub would be amazing, Thanks :p
  2. LordFoxyPanda

    LordFoxyPanda Member

    Awesome to hear! Can't wait to see some videos pop up! Good luck on getting a good computer! :p
  3. Asawp

    Asawp New Member

    Thanks dude cant wait fo it haha
  4. Redstone_Man_Djl

    Redstone_Man_Djl New Member

    Good luck on your YouTube channel
    hope you grow quickly
    I will check it out and sub
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