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Discussion in 'Youtube Showcase' started by PmBlue, Oct 13, 2017.

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  1. PmBlue

    PmBlue Member

    Hello! I am starting a youtube channel as a side hobby for fun! I love to see comments and likes, even if negative! They help teach me how i can do better.

    My channel is called Pmblue m, and is focused on my favorite server(,which is has been for over a year now),
    ####! Just kidding, its obviously Craft of Clans! I love editing and will try for a video a day. Please check out my videos and subscribe! Also, my mic is broken, so dont hate me im trying to get a new one but that may be a while..
    My channel:

    (Editted due to Advertising) - Peakee
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  2. You should bribe people to subscribe to you ^^
  3. PmBlue

    PmBlue Member

    I should not <3 xD
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