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Discussion in 'Youtube Showcase' started by Sterliner, Apr 25, 2017.


Did you subscribe?!

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  1. Sterliner

    Sterliner Member

    Hi Guys and Girls, what you doing looking at my post :D.
    Does This mean you want to check out my youtube channel... Well alright!
    Do you want the link to it? Well in that case here it is :
    Or look it up on google or on youtube : GamingWithWolf

    Awww your gonna subscribe to me :D thats so nice of you. Maybe when the server opens you might be in one of my videos!
    Lets hit that 300 sub mark y'all! We almost there!
  2. 360nopescope

    360nopescope Active Member

    What if I don't want to sub?

    JK I'l sub <3
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  3. Raider

    Raider King of Posts

    Your only 15 away! Good job
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  4. Sterliner

    Sterliner Member

    Thx :D
  5. Fox

    Fox Member

    I can't subscribe bc I'm already am a subscriber....
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  6. Sterliner

    Sterliner Member

    Ayyyyy <3
  7. Fox

    Fox Member

    <3 :p
  8. Ferybiro

    Ferybiro New Member

    meh i dont want to
  9. LemonCakeDude

    LemonCakeDude Member

    just subbed <3
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  10. Albkad

    Albkad New Member

    I Just Subbed To You. <3 But I Will Unsubscribe In 100sec. JK
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  11. Sterliner

    Sterliner Member

    Lol thx ;)
  12. zXord

    zXord New Member

    5 more to go c:
    congrats in advance.
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  13. Sterliner

    Sterliner Member

    Thanks :)
  14. FireWarlock

    FireWarlock Member

    i subbed your so close to 300
    good luck
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  15. xXx_Max_xXx

    xXx_Max_xXx New Member

    I subbed, Good luck at hitting 300!
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  16. Sterliner

    Sterliner Member

  17. Vapples

    Vapples Member

    Huh. You need three more... Good luck.
  18. !DerpFTW!

    !DerpFTW! New Member

  19. CoolDragon123_

    CoolDragon123_ Lord of them all Staff Member Sr. Moderator Builder Recruitment Team

    sterliner ill sub as ur an amazing guy and I want to help and support u :)
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