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  1. ItzReeceSmith

    ItzReeceSmith New Member

    Hey Everyone! today I uploaded my very first craft of clans video which I really enjoyed making, it is very much appreciated if you could go check it out, share it and if you enjoyed it give it a like and subscribe!

    ALL support is very much appreciated so thank you all who supports it, whether it's a view, a liking, a subscribe. Thank you!

    New Video here:

    Hope everyone enjoyed & thank you! <3

    - Reece
  2. Raider

    Raider King of Posts

    Nice! Hope you get a lot of subs for your youtube channel
  3. 07Dozer

    07Dozer New Member

    I subbed and nice vid
  4. xXx_Max_xXx

    xXx_Max_xXx New Member

    Nice video, keep up the grind
  5. ShadowLights_

    ShadowLights_ New Member

    Nice Video! Hope to see you in the server and to see more vids from you in the future.
  6. Zenfloy

    Zenfloy Member

    Should of warned headphone users when you started talking...

    I never knew a ear bleed was a thing until now.
    Otherwise nice video, I enjoyed it.
  7. WhiteDecay

    WhiteDecay New Member

    Sup reece :3 finally they relaunch craft of clans
  8. Redstone_Man_Djl

    Redstone_Man_Djl New Member

    Nice Vid bro hope for more subs to come your way
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