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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ColaCake84, Jun 25, 2019.

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    Back in the day of craft of clans you could raid while people that were online and that really engaged the experience and makes the situation completely unpredictable instead of the boring raids that we receive. The experience we take in while raiding isn't as compelling as the old raiding. Islands used to mean so much more as well, you could use 1 friends island as a huge community island where all your friends can meat and engage.

    I know the owners are doing a lot in updating the server and trying provide the best content but from playing the server since the Atlantic Craft first advertised you kinda of get a different perspective of the server. I have no idea why I love the concept of the server and love playing it, even though i don't have a rank. But like I said about the islands and friends it would be great if you could make 1 island between 2-5 or more friends and make that island your main island that you can build on, or maybe that could be part of a clan update, either way that would be incredible.

    As I spend hours in the mines I realise its almost pay to win. If you don't buy the custom enchants with real life money like Hell forge (Even tho Hell forge is available in-game but incredible expensive and rare) , auto-smelt and so on you are going to be incredible slow on receiving the gems you want. The best pickaxe you can get by making is a decent pickaxe with eff 5 unb 3 fortune 3. After that you can't get any better unless you buy a rank with better tools... or you buy a pick off someone else.. Honestly the ce's are very clever but are very expensive and do not guarantee you the enchant you want which is unfortunate.

    I feel like mines are a bit unfair... As I grind my way to the next tier I almost feel like the last is exactly the same but a tiny difference, as i got to tier 8-9 the only block i received more was iron blocks and that was 30+ more. Considering i spent ages grinding my way to tier 9 (2,000,000 gems) the change is ridiculous for 2 Milllion gems to give me just 30k or more gems. I would really be glad if you can change this...

    Thank you for putting all the effort in with the game best of luck
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    It is really hard to say much on your suggestion until after we see what the update brings to us. I do agree as far as I think the mine prices could use some tweeking. I do not agree about it being pay to win though, since that basically means you need to pay to buy items in order to win and thats not the case as you can win and reach tier 20 without buying anything. Almost all public servers will offer players a certain advantage for helping to support the server and keep the server going. I suppose there may be some out there that you have to pay to get anywhere but thats really not the case here. Keep in mind that you can also make deals on the server to pay players with gems in order to get the ce's you may want. You honestly do not have to use real money to progress since in game currency can also be used. With all that being said, lets hold off and see what the future holds and go from there :p
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