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    Clashers, the CraftOfClans community normally has a large player base and players like to use different mods to make the minecraft gameplay better for themselves but sometimes worse for other people. This thread will show you the permitted and blacklisted mods so you can use them without the risk of being banned.

    The permitted mods are allowed to be used in game and you will not be banned for using them. The blacklisted mods are mods that players aren't allowed to use and if they're caught using them, it will result in the player being banned.

    Permitted Mods:

    - Optifine (increases your FPS and is used for shaders)
    - 5zig Mod (Comes with a range of HUD's such as Armour Status and Direction HUD's. It is also used for increased FPS. The feature of auto reconnect is not allowed, make sure this is turned OFF. The Macros in the mod is also not allowed)
    - Mods that display: ArmorStatusHUD, DirectionHUD & Status Effects
    - All minimap mods (places a minimap in a corner of your screen which is handy for navigation)
    - Forge (enables a player to use more than one mod when playing)
    - Liteloader (enables a player to use more than one mod when playing)
    - Damage Indicators (they display a players health and damage taken)
    - Inventory Edits (they give a player icons on the chests so they can sort them out really quickly)
    - Schematics (useful for building things in survival)
    - Gamma Bright (increases brightness in dark areas)
    - Any type of lighting increase mods
    - Tabby Chat
    - Labby Mod
    - Auto-sprint
    Blacklisted Mods:

    - Use of any hacked client (Impact, Wurst.....) (Except for when you are only using mods that are on the allowed list or not using the client at all)
    - Better PvP Mod (creates and unfair advantage in pvp)
    - More particles mod (see particles from many blocks away)
    - Use of Low-Fire Texture packs, or any texture pack that improves your view when on fire or under any other effects caused by potions etc.
    - Macros (lets you do commands by pressing certain keys: i.e pressing H for /spawn)
    - X-ray clients, mods and texture packs
    - Tracers, Chest ESP, Player ESP (lets you find players and chests from anywhere within render distance)
    - No Fall (when a player takes no fall damage)
    - Schematics (printer setting only. The rest is fine)
    - Derp Hack (when a players head spins around in all directions randomly)
    - Auto Clickers
    - Anti AFK
    - Auto Fish/Feed/Armour
    -Auto Mining

    If you have a question about a mod that you are unsure whether it is allowed or banned, please contact a staff member in-game or here on the forums before using it so that they can verify.
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