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Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Lolly_Popa01, Aug 5, 2017.


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  1. Lolly_Popa01

    Lolly_Popa01 New Member

    If you are a low TH level, use these tips and tricks.

    Don't even bother with the Archers or Mortars. Just go straight for the Guardian and it. With this method, you won't be spending unnecessary minutes trying to get rid of Towers!

    Bring at least 16 blocks and a few torches with you for sand walls and regular wood or cobble walls. I would also recommend bringing along iron tools, just in case there are some things you want to break quickly. This method is for raiding the bases with a little bit of protection. (If they don't have plots all around their TH, just go behind it and go through a window with a couple blocks!)

    The most raids you can do is 5 during Wartime if you are trying to be fast. Once you've killed the Guardian, collect the Gold and Elixir and go to /spawn and raid again.

    This is EXTREMELY helpful! Bring a shield!!! It doesn't block all the damage from Wizard Spells or Power Shots from Archer Guardians, but it is is still VERY good to have in your off hand!

    Keep your saturation up! Bring foods like Steak or Pork! (Cooked, of course!)

    Last tip. Keep all your Raiding gear in a hidden chest somewhere on your island.

    I hope this helped you a little bit! I will be making a thread about base defense and hidden rooms on your island. Have fun and if you have any questions or thoughts, post them down below! Thanks!
  2. First of all dont count on your base being safe if its underground or in the air, this server has a lot of x-rayers. I recomend staying as a th1 or haveing 3alts as a th1 (like me). And Mortars are what you need. Mortars do massive damage when high levels and if they can peirce threw walls. Make your walls out of furnesses its the only smart thing to do :D
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