Discussion in 'Raiding' started by xXx_Max_xXx, May 11, 2017.

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  1. xXx_Max_xXx

    xXx_Max_xXx New Member

    Great server guys! Just an idea but why don't you add a notification so that you know if you got raided
  2. LemonCakeDude

    LemonCakeDude Member

    you can just type /stats and it will show you how many times you have been raided and how many of them were successful.
  3. SuperEpic

    SuperEpic Member

    i think its a good idea to show if you got raided at some point like a screen comes up when you get on and it says the players name is they won or lost how much money they took. that would be pretty cool to have :)
  4. SuperEpic

    SuperEpic Member

    if they*
  5. Killer_2020

    Killer_2020 New Member

    I agree, that is a great idea
    !!!!!!!Love This Server <3!!!!!!
  6. PmBlue

    PmBlue Member

    I like that idea as well! Thanks for the suggestion ❤️
  7. This seems amazing. It will help me get more bragging rights ^^.
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