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Discussion in 'Server News & Updates' started by 360nopescope, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. 360nopescope

    360nopescope Active Member

    Greetings clashers!

    The reset is finnaly done, we have also released some awsome new content!

    The new update brought us some new awsome things!

      • /Trade.
      • A new casino!
      • New towers!
      • a few bugs that got patches!
      • and all of our server got updates to 1.12.1 now!
    To get Prestige Rank you needed to be Tier4+ or have played 24hrs in the last month
      • A shield that gives you armor when equipped.
      • Yellow name tag in chat and a little star in front of your name.
      • Clasher kit
      • Barbarian hut
      • Iron armor/weapons that are modified to be as good as diamond armor/weapons.


      • Islands
      • Mining Tiers
      • Currency
      • Inventories
      • Vaults
      • Certain Stats
    Players with 24 hours of playtime or that have reached mining tier 4 will automaticly get Prestige rank.

    and don't forget that we have much more coming soon for you guys!

    So for now,
    Good luck building your bases because war time starts on Wednesday.

    Note: Ranks did not get reset.

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  2. Flamedude52

    Flamedude52 New Member

    What about prestige?
  3. ItzIcyz

    ItzIcyz New Member

    I don't think I got the rank...
  4. Flamedude52

    Flamedude52 New Member

    I know I got it because I’ve played for 4 house in the past two weeks but I haven’t gotten on the server yet. I just want to know what we get from it

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  5. Leigh Adams

    Leigh Adams Member

    ggo to discord and read what pawlerbear said
  6. Flamedude52

    Flamedude52 New Member

  7. DaRkFiRe_1991

    DaRkFiRe_1991 New Member

    glad to be able to play again now the reset is done
  8. Kade

    Kade Member

    Yay update
  9. darcdragon

    darcdragon Member

  10. BlondeGamer77

    BlondeGamer77 New Member

    when is wartime coming
  11. BlondeGamer77

    BlondeGamer77 New Member

    I want to attack and does practice raid work?
  12. Raider

    Raider King of Posts

    Is there gonna be duels like before where you can choose to duel somebody and see if they can beat your base?
  13. I'm likin' the reset! Feels good to be a noob again!
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