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Discussion in 'Server News & Updates' started by System, Aug 3, 2017.

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  1. System

    System Guest

    Hey Clashers!

    I wanted to let you all know that we will be doing our first reset soon with our next big update. When the update goes out next week.

    Exclusive Rewards for Playing
    Anyone who has been active on the server will also receive a special Prestige Rank that you will get to keep forever!

    This may include starting out the new "season" with extra stuff and might also include some other special rewards (maybe a special tower or kit?!), so make sure you log in before the new season hits so that we can know you've been active!

    New Features
    The new update will also include several new features, including:
    • 1.12 Update with New Blocks
    • New Referral System
    • New Towers
    • Possibly new rewards for voting
    • The return of the Casino
    • A new trading plugin
    • Many bug fixes
    • And more!
    What is Being Reset
    The following things will be reset:
    • Islands
    • Mining Tiers
    • Currency
    • Inventories
    • Vaults
    • Certain Stats
    Note: Ranks will not reset. You will keep your rank
  2. MMattie

    MMattie Active Member

    Sounds good, I'm excited.
  3. WatsInDaStars

    WatsInDaStars New Member

    GG I guess...
  4. 201_

    201_ New Member

    Rip my Gems.... still in my heart :p
  5. 201_

    201_ New Member

    no clue,,, i dont think so
  6. MMattie

    MMattie Active Member

    Probably not
  7. Fox

    Fox Member

    I'm excited :p
  8. Mattb2291

    Mattb2291 Member

    How long do "seasons" normally last? ie once the reset is done, how long will it be till the next one?
  9. Kiki

    Kiki Sr. Moderator Staff Member Sr. Moderator

    Sounds amazing, can't wait!!! :)
  10. MrVinix

    MrVinix Member

    When will the update be released? I'm already very excited
  11. bensku1

    bensku1 Active Member

    omg this is so exciting :D dunno if i spelled that right.
  12. Kiki

    Kiki Sr. Moderator Staff Member Sr. Moderator

    You did spell it right:) I know that some players will be upset about things they will lose but it will be worth it all in the end. :)
  13. IceDragon1974

    IceDragon1974 Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    At this moment I am not thrilled at the idea of losing my island. I worked really hard to build it up. Will I really have to start from scratch? On the one hand I understand the move, but I am losing a lot of hours spend building up my island.

    Also I worked really hard to reach my mining tiers.
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  14. FoxManGamer

    FoxManGamer New Member

    I'm Excited!!, what are the requirements for Prestige?
  15. Kade

    Kade Member

    yay this means I many be get my rank back soon :D

    xD I don't care if I don't
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2017
  16. Kade

    Kade Member

    hey when is the server re-opening


    Who care I am so exited ;P
    Thank you @Ashijin and @Eriic for all you guys do
  17. Lolly_Popa01

    Lolly_Popa01 New Member

    Rip everything. I'm glad that some things are going to fixed but still... :(
  18. bensku1

    bensku1 Active Member

    i wonder what u need for prestige xd
  19. Kade

    Kade Member

    I think 5k-15k of play time xD I hope I get the rank but, if I don't get the rank I am fine:p
  20. IceDragon1974

    IceDragon1974 Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Would have like this if we could have kept some things we currently had. Gonna miss my tools. I am actually in a bit of a struggle: Do I really want to start from tier 1 again after all the time I spend on this... not even considering the money I spend on ranks.
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