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Spanish helper

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  1. Sr_Potatin

    Sr_Potatin Member

    The server need a spanish helper.
  2. MMattie

    MMattie Active Member

    Amazing Suggestion! Ill get a Spanish helper from my Box rn lmao
  3. Sr_Potatin

    Sr_Potatin Member

    give me pls =D
  4. Sr_Potatin

    Sr_Potatin Member

    I am spanish
  5. Sr_Potatin

    Sr_Potatin Member

  6. TheFrog27

    TheFrog27 Member

    Since we only allow english in our chat a helper speaking any other language than English wont be needed. We will only accept a Spanish helper (or from any other country) if they make a good application like anyone else (Good English is a need for becoming staff)

    I will lock this thread now
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