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    Hey all, Sully here (IGN SullyMang).

    I am new to CoC but have been around the minecraft community for many years now (I grew up in the same era as the great CaptainSparklez) and held my own 1.7.10 server (it's still around, just a lot less active now). I like helping people and I am also an avid builder (trying to brainstorm ideas still). I aim to build a business at my island so I can employ people, but I am a free-to-play player right now do to lack of real life funds xD but I am certainly a good grinder in game.

    In real life, I'm studying to become a brewmaster and I have a long term goal of opening a puppy brewery where people can drink and bring their dogs while also providing puppy brew (if you haven't heard of it, don't worry, the puppy stuff is non-alcoholic).

    Feel free to chat me up in game anytime! (and even if you aren't in my clan I will still talk to you without judgement lol)
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