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    The Basics Guide

    A shorter post this time, mainly aimed at the newer folk in the community. This should hopefully cover some of the early stages of the server; getting around, server basics and some points to remember. Hopefully there are sections people find useful.

    Where possible, I will update this thread if I find things have been updated. It may take time, and therefore I cannot guarantee the information is accurate when you come to use it. I hope it is still useful nevertheless. In addition there may be more areas than I have listed - if I ever get the information to populate them (by myself or others), I will aim to update this thread accordingly.

    The Glorious Index of Indexing
    Server basics
    Getting around
    Upgrade options
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    Server basics

    CraftofClans is a server with several core elements, including PvP, PvE, island building and collecting resources.

    As you load the server for the first time, you will run past a Grand Warden who offers for you to do the Tutorial. This starts you with an island, some gems, items and covers the main basics of the game.

    PvP is possible at the Arena. Grab some weapons and food and dive right in to fight your way through the other server members.

    PvE is possible through a number of options:
    1. The Barbarian Cove contains quite a few barbarians, Pirate ships and other explorable areas
    2. The Barbarian Island is the main PvE area and has Barbarians, Giant spiders and wargs, plus lots of other types of enemy. In addition, a powerful boss spawns occasionally for players to kill.
    3. Raiding is the final type of PvE, where players can attack and raid other members’ base. Sounds easy? Each member can build island defences to ward off against any raider.

    Island building
    Each player can build an island, whether it be for style, farming or for defending against raiders. What will you choose to build?

    Resource collecting
    Collecting resources can be done in several ways; mining, at the players island, looting chests etc.

    There are several types of currency in the game, but for starting out, it’s best to focus on obtaining gems, the main type of currency. Gems allow things to be bought from the in-game shop, and enable the player to unlock more advanced content within the game. To begin with, the best method of obtaining gems is to visit the mines, and then visit the shop to sell the mined blocks.
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    Getting Around

    Server Map


    The main server spawn. This is classified as a "Help Room" and most actions can be performed from within this room.


    The places where you can go to mine for blocks.


    The shop, where you can buy and sell items / blocks. These use gems as the currency.


    The PvP arena.


    These are the main PvE areas.


    Crates can be opened using keys found from looting chests or from rewards for completing daily challenges. They give the player random quantities of gems, gold or elixir.


    This is the bank, where you can access vaults. Vaults are only unlocked through buying upgrades (covered in the Upgrade section).


    Here you can buy powerful spells to heal, damage or perform various actions. This is more of an advanced area, but it's useful to know where it is.


    Here you can gamble gems to win big, or lose big.

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    Website Shop

    There are several in-game perks which can be bought with real-life money from the website shop. You should ALWAYS check with the funding source before making any purchases.

    Shop items which can be bought:
    1. Ranks
      Ranks are permanent upgrades to the character in-game. They give the player items, equipment and currency when purchased, and are one-off payments. Ranks also unlock vaults for the player (basically extra storage space) and also unlock donor mines (which are better versions of the regular mines).
    2. Currency
      Currency can be bought by buying money pouches. These are one-off payments and give the character gems in-game.
    3. Premium
      Premium is a special type of upgrade and can either be bought monthly of as a Lifetime purchase. This gives the players items within the game.
    4. Donations
      Donations are simply donations to the server, and do not give benefits. Note, these do NOT unlock donor mines or vaults.
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