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    The Raiding Guide - Updated (28/08/17)

    Another post to cover some of the strategy behind this game. My intention is to make this the definitive guide to raiding; raid strategy from both the attacker and defender, as well as some tips and tricks for success. Hopefully there are sections people found useful.

    Where possible, I will update this thread if I find things have been updated. It may take time, and therefore I cannot guarantee the information is accurate when you come to use it. I hope it is still useful nevertheless. In addition there may be further tiers or upgrades than I have listed - if I ever get the information to populate them (by myself or others), I will aim to update this thread accordingly.

    My credentials for making this guide:
    Updated 26/08/2017

    The Glorious Index of Indexing
    Raiding Basics
    I’m an attacker, give me the raid strats
    I’m the defending island, make my items safe
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    Raiding basics

    A player's island must be upgraded to Town Hall Level 2 or above for a player to be able to raid (or be raided). Raiding effectively allows you to load into some other player’s island, and attempt to beat their defences to steal their items and resources. If you beat the island, you can claim the rewards through their resource structures and chests. If you die during the raid, your items will be lost and you will fail the raid.

    Raiding can be accessed by two fundamental methods:
    1. Through the use of the /raid command
    2. Through the main menu (sword icon)

    Both options will queue the player for a raid on someone else’s island. If a raid was found, the player will be transferred to an appropriate server and the raid will begin.

    Normal players can access raiding only during Wartime. This occurs for 600 seconds (10 minutes) every hour (the first ten minutes of every hour). Premium members can access raiding at any time.

    When the raid begins, the player will have 600 seconds to successfully beat the island. Failure to beat the island within this time will forfeit the raid, and it will count as a failed attempt. If successful, the player will have 120 seconds (2 minutes) to raid the island resource structures and chests.

    A player can queue for a raid once every two minutes.

    Raiding Success
    The definition of a successful raid is one where the island guardian is beaten. For raiders, this should be their primary objective when attempting a raid. Conversely, the primary objective for a player’s island as to defend the guardian as well as possible.

    Successful raids reward the raider with 10% of the island owner’s gems (minimum reward is 1,000 gems), plus 5% of the clan total if the player was in a clan. This is taken from the island owner’s gem total.

    To view the number of successful raids, use the command
    /stats and this will take you to a players statistic page.
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    I’m an attacker, give me the raid strats

    OK, so to clear this up from the start, nothing written here is going to guarantee success in the raids. Raids take a great deal of patience, a bit of problem solving and a pinch of decision making.

    Recommended gear
    These items are recommended. Obviously some raids are possible without using all of these items, but the following should assist with general raiding.
    • Best defensive armour available
    • Good weapon (barbarian rank has a good sword perk for raiding)
    • Efficiency enchanted pickaxe, spade and axe for quickly breaking blocks
    • Spare blocks for overcoming obstacles or bridging gaps (recommended dirt or cobblestone)
    • Good source of food (recommended golden apples for absorption boost)
    • Torches (useful for breaking sand or gravel walls quickly)
    • Bow and arrows for attacking from range
    • Potentially enderpearls for moving large distances quickly

    Recommended strategy
    To successfully raid, the island guardian must be killed. Therefore, it is best to focus on this objective and to ignore (if possible) the defensive structures on the island. By ignoring the defensive structures, you maximise the time available to kill the island guardian (and hence be successful in the raid).

    However, the defensive structures are then able to assist the island guardian (Town Halls without roofs allow mortar fire to be directed inside the building, archer towers etc placed directly outside can shoot through the main entrance, Tesla towers and other structures capable of firing through walls can also assist in the damage dealt to a player).

    Destroying the defensive structures
    Full details of the island structures can be found in my guide to islands here.

    The method to beat defensive structures is worth repeating here though, for completeness:
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    I’m the defending island, make my items safe

    The only true way to make your items safe from being raided is to keep the island at Town Hall Level 1. This means the island cannot be raided, and allows the player to be 100% certain they will not lose gems, resources or items through raiding.

    Basically, island defences can be combined into two categories:
    1. Methods to KILL the attacking raider (Active defence)
    2. Methods to SLOW DOWN the attacking raider (Passive defence)

    Some defence mechanisms can act as both Active and Passive defences, for example a lava wall. In the following sections I’ve set Active defences to those set as island defensive structures. Passive defences include all others.

    Active Defences
    Full details of the island structures can be found in my guide to islands here.

    The defensive structure stats are worth repeating here though, for completeness:

    In addition, some useful active defences are available here. Traps could also be used to kill the attacking raider, of which a number can be found here.

    Passive defences
    Since the island guardian defines whether the raid was successful, the Town Hall should be placed furthest from the raider. Therefore, it is most efficient to expand the island around the Town Hall, keeping the island guardian in the centre. This prevents a raider from circumventing the island defences to get to the Town Hall by boat.

    Passive defences are basically consist of methods to slow down an attacking raider. This could involve the building of walls, pits, or using alternative flooring such as soulsand or slime blocks to slow the speed of the raider. Building using obsidian is a common technique to cause increased mining times. A couple of additional passive defences are found here and here.
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    This has been reserved in case additional information or tips and tricks are included in the guide.
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  6. Mattb2291 you have done so many guids for us thanks :D
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