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    A clan owned by: 360nopescope

    Members: Aragorn10000

    Respect eachother
    Be and stay active
    Respect other clans
    No hacks allowed! If we are suspecting you of hacking you will be kicked out of the clan on instant, no
    exception will be made!

    Requirements for joining:

    If you have been punished a lot by staff members you will NOT be accepted, we need to show respect to the staff team because they put a lot of work and effort into the server.
    You have to be an active player so atleast 6k minutes would be a must have for this clan, only real og people will be allowed to join!
    You won't need a rank of any kind.

    In TROTM we aren't here for fighting other clans, we are just a peacefull friend group that want to share expierence and our fun together. But if we do get attacked we will Call in the help of our alliance to destroy any pottential enemies.

    Application format:



    Why we should allow you in the clan:

    Screenshot of the amount of minutes played is a must!

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