Tier 1 and 2 Mining Fastest Gems

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Mattb2291, Jul 22, 2017.

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    TLDR: Wood mine is most efficient at Tier 1 and 2

    I've seen a couple of posts in this section about getting gems fastest in Tier 1 and 2, but I believe the majority are incorrect. I've based this off non-enchanted tools as this is likely the starting conditions and assumed the person is not Premium (as the efficiency pickaxe would gain blocks and therefore gems the fastest).

    Sale prices:
    Cobblestone - 0.8 gems
    Coal - 0.6 gems (1 obtained per ore)
    Coal block - 6.0 gems
    Redstone dust - 0.3 gems (~4 obtained per ore)
    Redstone block - 5.0 gems
    Glowstone dust - 1.2 gems (~2-3 obtained per ore)
    Glowstone - 2.0 gems​

    Therefore, per block when mining, it is pretty efficient to mine the redstone and craft into redstone blocks (which contradicts the belief of a popular video maker).

    HOWEVER, I believe there is an even better way of getting gems quickly at Tier 1/2, and that is through the wood mine. This is located to the right of the stairs on the way to the Tier 1 mine after teleporting. Each log cut is sold at 1.5 gems each. If these are crafted into planks, these can be sold for 0.4 * 4 = 1.6 gems (slightly more profit). Since all logs are located next to each other there is no need to mine through less efficient blocks, making it a consistent 1.5 or 1.6 gems per block mined.
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