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  1. Kinhow

    Kinhow New Member

    I played this server a few years ago and stopped, when I returned the islands had reset and I can not do the tutorial.
    Summary: I'm with the initial island (not that it's a problem) and I can not do the tutorial because it says I've done it once, but it's been a long time.
    I want to play the server again, but there is no way I can start from the beginning without the tutorial

    my nick is: Kinhow
  2. KazzaRazza

    KazzaRazza Administrator Staff Member Administrator Recruitment Team

    There is a second Tutorial you can do now in the little build to the left when you walk out of spawn. I don't believe it includes Islands on that one though but if you dm me on Discord I would be happy to help you get started on islands again.
    Here is an invite for our discord server in case you don't have it and my discord name is the same as it is here

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