Discussion in 'Server News & Updates' started by zombiepower, May 11, 2017.

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  1. zombiepower

    zombiepower Legacy Administrator Legacy Admin

    Heyo Clashers

    We have created a twitter account. You can follow us by clicking on the link .
    What will we do on the twitter account ?
    We will be posting updates to the server along with releasing new update information. Additionally, we will be giving away ranks on our twitter account. There will also be posts containing some secret information. Be sure to tweet us pictures of you playing on the server!
    @craftofclans2 so that we can see the photo easier. Stay hyped for more awesome updated !

    Love you all !
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  2. elitebiker23

    elitebiker23 New Member

    Thats cool!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!
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  3. Jazzweek13

    Jazzweek13 New Member

    awesome idea HYPE
  4. WhiteDecay

    WhiteDecay New Member

    Awesome more links for description xD
  5. Kade

    Kade Member

    hey I lost my rank
  6. zombiepower

    zombiepower Legacy Administrator Legacy Admin

    Make a support ticket with your name and transaction id in it !
  7. danieljad9

    danieljad9 Member

    So glad there is a twitter in place, just started following it
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  8. McGuinessOfficial

    McGuinessOfficial New Member

    Hey i lost my rank in-game. I have changed my name to McGuinessBeer, if you could help me that would be great :D I can give you proof if you want
  9. PawlerBear

    PawlerBear Guest

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  10. TheFrog27

    TheFrog27 Member

    Please make an appeal in the ban appeals section
  11. RealVoilex

    RealVoilex New Member

    I followed!
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  12. danieljad9

    danieljad9 Member

  13. CoolDragon123_

    CoolDragon123_ Lord of them all Staff Member Sr. Moderator Builder Recruitment Team

    thanks zombie u guys are the best :)
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  14. Raider

    Raider King of Posts

    Is there going to be like special item giveaways? like things you can't obtain?
  15. zombiepower

    zombiepower Legacy Administrator Legacy Admin

    There are gonna be some giveaways. There will also be some more information about the server and the events for te server will also get announced there.
  16. Jakes888

    Jakes888 New Member

    hi zombie remember me Jakes888
    I have a very inportant thing to ask.
    why was my 350 doller grandwarden rank gone and what can I do to get it back or get somthing like king barb
  17. PawlerBear

    PawlerBear Guest

  18. Parkor

    Parkor New Member

    I am having problems when i and in queue for a raid. It keeps not joining a server. Then i have to wait 2 min for me to do /raid again.
  19. Raider

    Raider King of Posts

    There is a delay in how long you can send the command, if you do /raid right after you finish a raid and get a raid it may say you must wait before changing servers again, which means you have to wait 2 mins before you do /raid again
  20. Notch93

    Notch93 New Member

    What version of Minecraft the server is running on?
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