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Discussion in 'Server News & Updates' started by Peakee, Feb 21, 2018.

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    Yes you heard me right! It is finally here after a long wait and what everone has been waiting for!

    Alot of time, Blood & Sweat have gone into this update! So Check it out now.
    + New Hub Design
    + New Main PvP (alot bigger)
    + Added a Non Donor PvP +
    10 New mining tiers 11-20
    + Added a hard maze
    + New Ranks
    + New kits and perks
    + Raids are more optimised
    + Gold & legendary key can now be obtained
    + New Shop Location
    + More helpful NPC's added
    + New side kicks + Numerous bug fixes

    Over the next coming weeks, There will be more "Smaller" Updates but still just as big in the term of features and things to do! Keep hold of your hats!
    (If you haven't got one, then go get one and keep hold of it!)

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