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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by 911witherking, Jul 24, 2019.


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  1. 911witherking

    911witherking New Member

    Voting would be a really nice way to support the server without donating and getting the server out there i would love to see vote rewards have the higher lvl crate keys like gold and legendary crate keys which most players have never gotten it could be like 10 votes = gold crate key 20 votes = legendary crate key and then reset back to 0 and have the wood crate key be 1 vote and silver 5 this would be a great addition to the game:)
  2. ColaCake84

    ColaCake84 New Member

    This is a great way to advertise the server, Voting will get the server seen on different minecraft server lists which will attractive new players!. Although I do believe your idea of rewards are a bit too OP.
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  3. CoolDragon123_

    CoolDragon123_ Lord of them all Staff Member Sr. Moderator Builder Recruitment Team

    I believe we already have some ideas about voting. We have implemented something in the current hub as a form of Easter egg as what we hopefully plan to do

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