Wartime Has Begun!!

Discussion in 'Server News & Updates' started by Eriic, May 8, 2017.

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  1. Eriic

    Eriic Guest

    Wartime has finally arrived!
    IP: play.craftofclans.net
    Raiding Update Information:

    As you have probably noticed, we have launched our brand new Wartime system last night. For those of you who are new to the server, wartime is the core purpose behind building your islands defenses. In this post I am going to quickly summarize the new wartime mechanics and explain what we will be doing this week to improve upon the system.

    Destroying / Disabling Towers:

    This version of wartime has added the ability to disable defensive towers on the enemy island while raiding. This can be done the following ways:

    1. Kill the NPC on the top of the tower. For example, every archer tower has an archer on top of it. If you decide that the archer tower is doing too much damage, simple climb up (or build up) and kill the archer. This will disable the tower from shooting you for the rest of the raid.

    2. Break the Redstone block in the middle. Right now this applies to any tower you do not see an NPC standing on top of. An example for this is the Mortar tower. If you decide the Mortar tower is doing too much damage, get our your handy pickaxe and destroy the redstone block located in its center.

    Effects of Raiding:

    The stakes of raiding have also been brought up a notch on this server. Every time you successfully raid a players island you will get 10% of their total gem count. This amount will then be removed from the original owners gem balance, making it a hefty price if your island is not properly defended.

    Additional to Gems, once you complete a raid you can also loot from the islands chests and goldmines / elixir pumps. Raiding is a great way to up your Gold / Elixir balance if it is low.

    Raiding Updates (This Week):

    As the system was just launched we know there will be balancing issues along with some minor bugs. This week we will be constantly changing tower damage and guardian damage to make sure raiding stays at the perfect medium between too easy and too hard.

    We also plan for the Laboratory to launch sometime within the next week, which will sell a large inventory of items that will assist you in raiding!

    That is all for now, if you have any comments or suggestions leave them below!

  2. Raider

    Raider King of Posts

    In the Laboratory can you add things that can stun towers or break down walls or make you go over the wall or something, A few examples
    Freeze Spell= Stuns x amount of towers for y amount of time
    Earthquake= Breaks down x amount of walls
    Teleportation spell= Goes through a wall x amount of blocks
    Poison Spell= x radiaus y amount of damage over time
    Heal Spell Weapon enchantment= gives you regen x over y amount of time and has a cool down of ___ seconds
    Rage Spell= Gives strength x for y amount of time and has a cool down of ____ seconds
  3. NarwhalzzzSenpai

    NarwhalzzzSenpai New Member

    That would be cool
  4. spicynickolas

    spicynickolas New Member

    When are party's released?
  5. TheFrog27

    TheFrog27 Member

    They have been released but only premium users can create them.
  6. spicynickolas

    spicynickolas New Member

    I ment for people that don't have premium when do we get to use it
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